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Does Getting A Root Canal Hurt?

does getting a root canal hurt as bad as people say it does? i just wanted to know because i might be needing one and what to know what to expect

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    Well, I don't recall any pain in the direct procedure... I do remember alot of jaw rattling, and being able to smell the burning scent of my own tooth from the drill, and there was some soreness of the gum afterwards... but you know what?

    It didn't hurt nearly as bad as the actual tooth pain before the procedure!

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    I have had 4. They don't hurt at all because you get Novacaine. The worst part is actually getting the shot to numb you. Plus I hate the feeling when the Novacaine wears off. It's just odd. To avoid it, after root canals, I go home and take a nap. If anything is sore, it will be where the needle when in your gums to numb you. If for some reason your tooth does hurt after a root canal, call your dentist. This happened to me once (I found out that I had an infection in a nearby tooth, so once they relieved the pain with a root canal I could feel the pain of the other tooth).

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    Just had one and I had a great dentist, what hurts is the needle going in your jaw to numb the nerves. If done right it's only moderately painful(and I have a very low pain tolerance) then the root canal it self doesn't hurt it's just uncomfortable while they are in there digging around. Some people have pain after ward I had so much pain before the little after was tolerable with a minimum of pain reliever. Trust your dentist and try not to worry to much, good luck!

    Trivia: a poll was taken and 9 out of 10 people would rather have a root canal then speak in front of a group!

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    If you need a root canal then you have either broken a tooth by a traumatic event or have had an abscess due to decay of the tooth. either way the end result will hurt less than what has gotten you here. if done properly the only pain you should feel in the procedure is the injection of anesthetic. after that the nerve of the tooth will be numb and will have no sensory ability. in the process of the root canal the nerve is removed so when you mouth "wakes up" there will be nothing left to feel. depending on where the tooth is in you mouth (closer to the front is easier) will determine how long it will take. overall the worst part about a root canal is hearing everyone talk about how bad its gonna be. good luck.

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    If it is done right you wont feel a thing. I have had 6 root canals. 1 was very bad but the dentist really sucked. The ;last 5 were fine. A little tender for the first day or two but no problems

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    i know people say they hurt but when i had mine i had no pain whatsoever...NADA.....i felt nothing during the whole procedure, and afterwards it didnt hurt, but i took the painkillers anyway because i was scared pain would start.....i dont know if it would have if i didnt take them tho. however, BEFORE i had the root canal, i had just gone to the dentist and he messed up my tooth and i came home in sooo much pain oh my freaking god, it was so bad i had to get an EMERGENCY root canal, i went an hour later

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    It doesn't hurt during the prosedure, if they didn't drug you, you'd probably go out cold with the pain and just faint. A while after you get it done, and when the pain killers start to wear off, yeah, your going to feel pain. its hard to tell how much but yeah, its going to be pretty bad. Sorry mate. Oh and they're really really expensive too.

    Good Luck

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    okay , its different for everyone . Different dentists , different pain tollerences . But for me the only thing that hurt a little was getting the needle other than that NO ! Ive gotten two and neither of them hurt . Just having your mouth open gets sore .

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    yes it hurts. i got one when i was like 13 yrs old. i hated dentists since then..

    The dentist recommended root canal for the simple reason she knew that we could afford it. So my advice to you is don't get one.

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    Dude real talk...YES, Im not tryna scare you but it really isn't the pain, it is the soreness afterwards because the nerve is live..take plenty of pain killer..preferrably (IBUPROFEN) before and after the root canal..goodluck and brush those teeth, no candy dude sorry get it outta ya life!

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