Why was Dan Wetzel's column against the IOC's sham investigation of the underage Chinese girl gymnast removed?

I am going to keep asking this question until I get an answer. If the Yahoos at Yahoo pulled his column to protect the Communist China I am going to change my home page to MSN or Google. Yahoo seems to be in love with Communist China.



I'm not imagining anything. This morning he posted a column attacking the IOC sham investigation and about 1 hour later it was gone. I just want to know why. I wrote Dan, but he hasn't answered. I suspect Yahoo stepped in, and I have a right to know if they are censoring their columnists, don't I? Or do you support Red China-type censorship?

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    Isn't that obvious? I thought it was obvious that IOC is asking FIG to re-evaluate the situation after Wetzel wrote the article. So since it isn't appropriate to bash IOC and FIG for their supposedly failed attempt; Yahoo decided to pull it off.

    Too Ez.

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    You have to take a look at how the IOC has operated in the past. They don't wish to take medals away during the games once they have been awarded. So the official statement always comes out that they don't suspect wrong-doing but they will investigate. In this case the World Gymnastics Federation gets to do the dirty deed. And once the games are over, and only then will you see the medals taken away. Which they deserve to be as the evidence against them is rather concrete. And the websites where the the truth was discovered have also disappeared. Funny that.

    Source(s): The individual who found the evidence was interviewed on the CBC this morning.
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    cause Jerry Yang one of the Yahoo Co-Founder has a tie with Chinese Commie..

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    please change your home page to msn or google then if you are obsessing so much over this and leave us alone The whole subject is so overdone at this point

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  • 1 decade ago

    oh dear, is the reds under the beds fear still alive and well?

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