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Why do I see things that look so real sometimes that shouldn't be there when I wake up?

Sometimes when I wake up I see a figure, shadow standing in my room. Other times I carry over what was in my dream into reality. It's not just a vague image. It's something very solid and very real to my eyes. When I will myself to remember it's not there it disappears. I have written light in midair, been tormented by dark figures, seen whisps of light, and even been literally touched by an unseen force. I know this sounds like a drug trip, but I promise no such things ever involved. I've always had a theory what I have is a sleeping or mental disorder. I have been experiencing things like this since I was a child but never knew who to talk to about it. I have woken up in my sleep shaking because I thought there was an earthquake and many, many more odd things. What could this be? On top of all this I will often act out my dreams, such as climbing up the wall as if it were a mountain, spinning my hands in midair as if manipulating small tornadoes, and sometimes falling unconscious after waking up because I've become so frightened or knocked out by a very visible body of energy. I don't think I'm haunted, crazy, or possessed. None of those make sense. This isn't urgent because I'm used to all this. I have experiences like this, sometimes completely away in the middle of the day, about several times a month. It would be nice to have an explanation though.

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    Dude, I've experienced very similar things. I used to think it was just me, till I heard similar stories like yours.

    The difference is how quick we come back from dreamland to reality. Do you sleep deep? I ask because the deeper I sleep, the more prone I am to dream and the more time it takes me to move from the unconscious to conscious world when I've awoke. I would suggest getting more rest or taking naps throughout the day so you don't sleep so deep.

    That or you're just possessed, which means you need some help from above!

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    SWAG- I'm not sure that you are alone with this issue: check " (a late-night call-in format talk show) and review their schedule and archives for "shadow people". They have been operating for a couple of decades, now and are open to every kind of subject of fringe subject: psychic abilities, ghosts, UFO's, U name it..

    *Try facing what seems frightful, and ask the entities you meet about their identity and purpose.* If you do learn at least the name, you will have some power over 'it'. A certain familiarity will reduce the stress, and you might possibly find you gain unguessed-at powers with your acquaintance with your 'inner self'. No kidding- for this sort of thing to go on so long indicates that an urgent message is being sent to you, so tune in! Remember to describe everything in an illustrated, handwritten journal, a record you can refer back to for validation. and *keep it private!*

    You certainly don't write like a loony, and I agree that you are visited by some powerful forces. The point is to work out the why's and wherefores. Your first efforts should be to set up a "psychic shield" for a haven as you witness the scary parts- "psychic self-defense" is another useful technique: works for you in daily life, too.

    A shrink will only sedate you with meds to make you just another spaz lump. Check around and see a reputable psychic, one who will understand your distress and teach you to take charge of your nocturnal adventures. My guess is that you have some undiscovered talents and need some inner discipline and a roadmap for your soul.

    Of course this sounds fringey and spooky- but for your own sake, at least count this stuff as having validity. All the tried-and-true orthodox remedies have no means to address this issue: the psychic realm has been ignored as irrelevant, but I believe you will discover otherwise.

    Source(s): Long-time listener, technogeek, dabbler in fringe science.
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    Sleep is not an all or none condition. There are five different stages of sleep that we rotate between all night long. We primarily dream during REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and most of our REM sleep occurs in the morning hours. REM sleep is also called paradoxical sleep because our brain activity looks almost exactly the same as it does when we are awake. Typically we are paralyzed when we are in this stage of sleep because as you can imagine it may be dangerous to act our your dreams. There is a disorder called REM behavior disorder where people aren't paralyzed and may act out their dreams. This is different from sleepwalking which occurs in deep sleep, not REM sleep.

    It sounds like you are regaining consciousness while you are still dreaming and may have REM behavior disorder. You may want to talk to a sleep specialist. This condition can be treated with some sleeping medications and muscle relaxants.

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    it could be a sleeping problem but i think you're paranoid, you need to consult a specialist, you sound like you've had this problem for a long time.. you should have told someone about it, earthquakes??, that is just paranoia, usually when people grow up, they lose all these fears, i think you experienced something shocking when you were a little child, and by the way do not believe in ghosts and other stuff... just consult someone who knows about this. do not worry about this.

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    do you have family history of such? try seeing a dr , blood work ct scans try st johns wort at walmart , your brain chemistry maybe out of whack

    or vit deficient stress does wonders to us

    did you talk to a clergyman yet you can always pray and ask God to reveal the meaning of this ?

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