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Olympic medal standing and America??

I see that China has about ten more gold than America. America however has more medals in total.

In my knowledge having more gold medal is what determines standings. I have checked olympic websites and they have China as first.

But I check American sites like NBC and America is first. They changed the ranking so more medals determine standings, and have screwed up the whole ranking table.

Im kinda mad because America always comes out as the good country with no bias and stuff, and they aren't.

This gold medal is almost a propaganda. Idk but thats what I think...

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    I just ask a question about that. I'm spanish and the first place is for China (where places I've seen). However, in american sites the first place is for USA because they're more medals.

    In my own opinion, China would be the winner if there is too much difference between chinese gold medals and american gold medals but if difference is 10 gold medals or less, I think the champion would be USA (I love USA).

    This is my opinion, not official ^^

  • Medal Count is important to Americans because the Cold War was fought at the Olympics every four years. It was David and Goliath - the free West versus the professional machinery of the Soviet Bloc. We, the West, had little chance against nations that made their Olympic Athletes de facto professionals and pioneered steroids. Since 1992, the US has always come out on top. Many of us are not comfortable with that and see in the PRC another monolith like the Soviet machinery of the Seventies.

    In all honestly, I'd call the current issue a draw.

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    no one cares

    usa is first in medals, china is first in gold


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    I don't think this qualifies as a question.

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