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Where can i find free online typing tests. I also need help in spreadsheets,microsoft word,excel.?

i'm starting a new job in a week and i need to refresh what i already know and become familiar with what i don't know.

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    Type "typing free" in Google and there will be several options to choose from. One of them is:

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    I suggest you this free online typing course...


    It is the best one to learn from the begining. It's fast and trouble-free.

    - Learn how to type fittingly in just a few hours by means of all your fingers.

    - You will soon be typing faster than you always imagined.

    - 27 guided lessons to be taught step-by-step on or after the opening.

    - Choose between 18 diverse keyboard layouts to become skilled at

    - Web-based lessons.

    - No downloads requisite.

    Give these things a try. You will surely be doing in a couple of days. Choice is purely yours. Your hard work will pay you off very soon.

    If you want to test your typing speed...

    You can get your typing speed certificate for free, too.

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    Hi Nikita,

    Below are some typing test urls you can use

    Also let me know about your MS Office requirements to see if I can help you..

    All the best for your new job!!!



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    1 WPM = 5 characters per minute. Time yourself typing for one minute, count all characters you typed (including spaces), and divide by 5.

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