What type of welder should I get?

I am looking to weld 1/4" steel and up to 1/2" steel. What type of welder should I get and how hard is it to learn to do basic no structural welds that will hold up to impacts?


How many amps would be needed to weld 1/2" steel?

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    Lincoln or Miller welders do an excellent job, I use them everyday. The type of welding you are describing you would probably would be better off with a MIG welder (not having any experience). I would strongly suggest reading up on the subject at a minimum or taking some lessons. A 200-250 amp MIG welder will weld 1/4" - 1/2" steel very easily with the right wire and gas. You will need a 50-70 amp dedicated line to be able to weld the steel you are describing. I would suggest going to your local welding shop or better yet to a welding supply store to get more info. We could talk all day on this subject and still not get to it all. Go talk face to face with experienced fabricators or welding supply store salesmen to get good info. to suit your needs. They will be able to direct you in the right direction. Be ready to spend a little money to get a welder that you will be happy with over time. Do research and ask many many questions. Also be prepared to answer questions as well. You will need to know everything from want you want to weld, to supply voltage in your shop. Good luck and don't skimp on the protective gear.

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  • Ron G
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    Hi. It really is a question of how much you want to spend and making the effort to learn how to do welding that is not 'structural' but hold up to 'impacts'? If you are seriously wanting to weld that thick a metal go take a welding class and find out just the basics of what you are trying to do. It will be money well spent. You will not buy the wrong welder and you will be able to enjoy your new found skill with good welding technique.

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    Wrought iron is just pure iron so any welder you want. If you are not experienced in welding use a mig. You can use different types of rods for MMA, stick welding, to suit the job but if you dont know how to stick weld you could end up with a lot of slag inclusion and hence a weak weld

  • Anonymous
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    half inch steel you need industrial mig welder you need to be certified to do structrual welds.

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    Hello Rich,

    I'm no professional metal fuser, but have used wire-fed and electric welders to fix metallic items. I think this would meet your criteria, but I'm no electrician either and you might need a dedicated breaker for it...http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet...

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    find a used stick 220v 180amp. auto dark helmet. grinder,gloves,and welding rods, I like 6011 or 6013.all purpose. 1/8th or larger. oxy/acet. torch for cutting, and brazing/weld. and you will be well on your way.

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    harbor frieghts carries a wired feed welder that great for this kind of work its only about 90 dollars and works great if you have basic hand skills youll be able to figure it out rather quickly

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