help radiator leak!?!?

there is a leak coming from my radiator in at least one spot, possibly 2. My 2001 mazda 626 v6 started to overheat. I put stop leak stuff in it, didn't work. I put more fluid in it, and it dripped out pretty quickly when the car was running, and slowed down to almost nothing when the car is off. I can't tell where it's coming from. What are the possibilities, and what can I expect to pay for repairs or replacement? Thanks!

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    Stop leaks usually doesn't help. You shouldn't even try to get it repaired. A new radiator only sells for about $100. Another $140 to put it in.

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    "Good Radiator Shop" Just tell them there is a Constant Leak in the Radiator Area. Most Radiator Leaks can be fixed if not in the End Caps. Yeah $50 to $200 Depending on the radiator type and car Year.

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    Either the holes in the radiator are too big for the Rad weld to fill, and you'll need a replacement, or if you are lucky you have a pipe leak. As you say there may be two leaks it might be worth another go with the Rad weld or whatever you used. It does sound as if it is pressure related. To check that it is the Radiator fill up the water tank and observe the flow, if it is a big hole in the radiator you'll soon know. I had a pipe leak from the cylinder head to the radiator,looked bad but a new piece and no trouble.

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    before you go on a spending spree you need to really find out where the leaks are... there are many possibilities for leaks.......water pump,radiator, hoses, freezeout plugs, heater core,

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    gjo to any grocery store and buy a can of pepper put the whole can of pepper in your radiator then top it off with water this is only a temporary fix but it usually last a few days will get ya to a repair spot or get ya by long enough to sell the car

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    i don't believe a 2001 would have a radiator leak...look at the hoses first.

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    very confusing step. lookup onto yahoo. it could help!

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    take it to a shop it could also be the pump

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