Is a BB gun considered a firearm in the state of Maryland?

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    I don't know about MD state laws themselves, but most state and federal statues classify a firearm by the use of a cartridge ammunition if uses. Muzzelloaders are not subject to many of the more strict firearm laws (in my area at least) because they have no cartridge - just powder slug and patch. In fact you can purchase muzzelloaders, paintball guns, BB guns, crossbows, and bows online and have them shipped directly to your house (in most states). To do that with firearms you must ship to an FFL and purchase it from them.

    So long story short - I'm not quite sure, but I doubt it. Maryland does have some stricter gun laws, but I don't think a pellet rifle would be considered a firearm.

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    BB guns, pellet guns, airsoft guns, etc. are never considered firearms.

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    dude, if you live in Maryland... you better get a real gun

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    yes it is

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