Why do people like rap music?

rap music really sucks. My friend and i got in a fight over which type of music was better Rap or Pop. He really got mad, which type of music is better

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    Why do people ask questions like this?

    Edit: Armand..I didn't like it at first, but it's entertaining. I think I want to work for Diddy and From G's to Gents are also entertaining. People do crazy things for 15 minutes of fame.

    Armand: Yeah I was pissed when they sent Kesan home. They framed him from jump. They set him up for failure, he was probably gonna win. Those dudes are so wack, especially the fake mafia dude with the thinning hair. And the dude from Detroit..T Jones - is he gay? He is a joke.

    Source(s): Did you peep how I am the only one who got a thumb down? My Haters have returned.
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    I listen to everything, so I like Rap because a lot of the beats are cool and the Old Skool rap is the best, Like Dougie Fresh and Slick Rick, Big Daddy Kane, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, EPMD, L.L Cool J and Eric B. & Rakim They just dont make music like that anymore.

    Source(s): I'm sick of people saying Rap sucks. I listen to Metal, Rock, Reggae, Punk, you name it. Dont disrepect Rap, they lay down some of the best beats composed from Jazz, Old Skool Funk and even some Rock, Who can forget the way The Beastie Boys used Led Zeppelin in Their Licensed to ILL album. So for those of you who dis Rap just because you are a so called "Rocker" you need to stop because Rap is Music and Music is Art.
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    well i like rap and grime and personally i know some of the music sucks like soulja boy other people are really good but i think its also better as most the rappers come from nothing and make it all the way to the top unlike most pop artists suck as miley cyrus aka hannan Montana who is only famous for her father billy-ray cyrus so all in all it boils down to personal taste.

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    the reason why ppl like rap music is because if you listen to good songs songs with meaning you can relate and truly feel the singer and what his thinking here is a tip if u got lime wire or any other source to download music get the songs

    "until the end of time----"

    "me against the world"


    "dear mama----"

    "keep ya head up----"

    "life goes on----"

    "only god can judge me-----

    "unconditional love-*----"

    "when thugs cry----"


    all the above songs are by 2pac but eminem nas are great political rappers 2 that talk about real problem you can also get

    if i had

    rock bottom

    sing for the moment "great song)

    hailies song

    like toy soldier.. mocking bird


    8 mile

    . mocking bird


    Source(s): here is the link the 2 song keep ya head up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HfXwmDGJAB8
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    why do people listen to opera? Why do people listen to heavy metal? Why do people listen to RnB? Why do people listen to Pop? Why do people listen to Gospel? Why do people listen Jazz?........it's just personal preference if you haven't caught the drift. I listen to some rap my self but I only have a few rappers that I can say really "put it down" and actually give you a message to think about....not just shake your A** in the club and ice on my chain, and rollin' on 22's.....

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    matter of opinion really. Now some people may have bad opinions but thats their choice, Its all music and it all needs to be respected one genre is really not better then the next.... thats your own cup of tea.

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    Pop Sucks Cock

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    Not again.

    Who here likes I Love Money?

    Rofl. Yeah that is weird. From G's to Gents is cool. Made me kinda mad when Kesan got sent home though.

    Kesan, Shotta, Cee, and Creepa are the coolest ones. MAN! T JONES IS FROM DETRIOT AND HE'S GAY! HE'S MAKING US MICHIGAN PEEPS LOOK BAD!!! >_<

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    Why do rock people get on here and ask us stupid a** questions? I answer them because I like getting 2 extra pts. and they obviously like giving me 2 extra pts. at the expense of them losing 5 pts. for a pointless a** question.

    Source(s): If you don't like it, don't listen to it. There, problem solved.
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    Personal opinion FTW!

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