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where can i buy yellow styrofoam?

I need yellow styrofoam to mold something! I live in north new jersey.

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    When you say "mold" something, do you really mean "shape" or sculpt something?

    Or do you really want something that can be "cast" in a real mold? (if so, that expanding insulation foam in a can could work and happens to be a dull yellow)

    If you just want a yellow polystyrene foam that you can shape though, you'll probably have to color it after shaping.

    Extruded polystyrene foams do come in pink, blue, and I think green (in sheets) at home improvement stores as various kinds of insulation (those kinds are also denser and easier to shape than the "expanded" ps foams that come as packaging, etc.), but otherwise they're mostly white or green at the craft store.

    You can color the foam yourself though as long as you don't use anything with a *petroleum-based* solvent in it ("enamels," etc) which would begin to dissolve it... so acyrlic paints, latex, etc., or even poster paints and other non-permanent ones as long as you seal those paints afterward (water-based polyurethane, thinned permanent white glue, etc.)

    You can also shape extruded ps foam by cutting a sheet into smaller pieces, then stacking the pieces till you reach the size you want and joining into a block, before shaping.

    You might want to read more about cutting, gluing and shaping polystyrene foams on this page of my site (more links there too):

    ( on the CUTTING, GLUING, SHAPING subcategory, under the "Plastics" category)


    Diane B.

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    I just buy white styrofoam and use the Tulip spray dyes to change the color.


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    Your Local Craft Store (Micheal's or Pat Catan's)

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    your local hardware store has the foam in a can that expands ;)))

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