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Help with character's pictures and names?

'Ello. =]

I'm writing a story, and I need some main characters(well, duh). Anyways, I need pics AND names for them.

Girl 1:

Hair: inky black, lightly streaked with dark red, thick and falls in loose curls/ringlets few inches below chest, ringlets at the end mostly; side fringe of emo-ish bangs that almost covers one eye

Eyes: stunning almond shaped eyes with thick, long lashes; color is a misty, beautiful swirl of jade green and turquoise. I'll also accept a sort of grayish or blue. They're supposta be her best feature and are described as 'hauntingly beautiful' or 'eyes that sent a shiver down her spine'.

Face: heart shaped, skin is very very VERY slightly tanned with couple of freckles dotted around a delicate but stubborn ski slope nose; full, pouty lips, raspberry colored; stubborn chin and thin, 'bird-wing-like' eyebrows;(black); side fringe of bangs almost covers one eye

Body: slender and willowy, clumsy and strong

If you can find anything close to this description, I would appreciate it. I'm going for a sort of Hayley Williams type thing with my next girl.

Girl 2:

Hair:(Hailey Williams kinda) choppy layers, shoulder length, with emoish side fringe, either red gold or reddish brown, lots of different shades of colors in hair

Face: Pale and heart shaped, stubborn chin and a nose with a slight bump on it; light red lips always in a smile

Eyes: Twinkling and mischievous, color could be maybe green or even hazel

Body: Tough and strong, though lithe and nimble

Personality: very mischievous, if you've read Harry Potter, think Weasley twins. always joking around, a little too careless for her own good.

Girl 3:

Hair: Blond, (real blonde, with like a thousand different shades), prettiest part of her, wavy in like beach waves, almost always tied into a braid

Eyes: dark, dark ocean blue; deep, soulful eyes, hidden under long, wispy lashes

Face: Lightly tanned, and freckled; small button nose, average lips, and a teeny weeny bit of pudge in those cheeks.

Body: Petite and a bit of cute, babyish pudge

Personality: Shy and calm

Girl 4:

Hair: glossy, beautiful long curls/ringlets down below chest; gorgeous earthy kind of color; dark and light browns, many shades, with dark reds and golds all woven in; sideswept side bangs

Eyes: sparkling hazel, mostly olive green, flecked with gold

Face: elfin and pretty, with a nose that scrunches up and full lips

Body: strong and athletic; tall and lean

Personality: Fun and mischevious; strong temper and always laughing


So if you could give me either or both pictures and names, thanks much!


Another girl! Hehehe...sorry, I forgot to post this one....

Hair: shaggy hair; with side bangs, lots of layers, like a dog’s, some shade of red or black

Eyes: hazel, bright and sparkling if the hair is red; if the hair is black, the eyes are blue gray; almond shaped with impossibly long lashes

Body: lithe and very light weighted, delicately boned and petite

Face: very cute; with a distinct puppy like expression; huge eyes and tiny nose that wrinkles when she smiles =]

Thanks again!

Update 2:

Hey, I found a reference for Girl #2.

At the end, that's how I would imagine her hair to look. =]

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