I'm going clothes shopping, but I need major help!?

My dad is giving me 200-300 dollars to go shopping with at the mall, but everything at the mall is 5 times higher then regular places, but he insists i go to the mall. Well jeans are like 30 bucks! whats an easy way to get at least 20 shirts including baby doll shirts, i would like 10 pairs of jeans, a pair of good sneakers like nike, 2 pairs of flats from payless, and a bag like a beach bag sort of thing fro aeropostale or abercrombie and fitch? thats alot of money i will need to get all that is there anyway i can get all this with only 200-300 dollars to spend it on? i really need help, and money saving tips would be nice too...(the stores i want to go to at the mall are..





Abercrombie and Fitch Areopstale

Limited two



Kholes. (I think thats spelt wrong)

thanks a bunch! your help is greatly appreciated!


pluse! i wanted toget acsessires from clairs or something! (I might hit someother places in the mall to see if they have cheaper clothes!)

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    Well 30 bucks for jeans is considered cheap. I think right now Aero has some jeans for 20? They're the basic bootcut I think. It's probably best not to go to A&F they don't really have sales. Least not that I've known of. Just find staples that you can use a lot. Like laying tops together is a good way to save money, transitioning items from autumn to winter to spring to summer. Tights are in, so if you have summer dresses, you can pair them with tights this autumn and you won't be freezing. Then you can wear them during spring too, tights or not, I have no idea what the weather is like where you live.

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    well ifya wanna get like 10 pairs of jeans,, then thats going to spend alot of your money already. aeropostale has reallky good sales and abercrombie and fitch is really really expensive. their clothes is good quality but a sweatshirt is like 60 bucks. so i would go to aeropostale and most of the stores that you listed should have cheap stuff

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  • 1 decade ago

    Whoaaa I wish I was given that much money!!! =[

    You can buy 2 pairs of jeans for 55$ at Pacsun<333 They're awesome. You can also buy tees at forever21 and everything is so cheap there.

    JC Penny is pretty cheap too.

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  • just shop sales racks that what i do i get like 2 not sale rack outfits

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