Who is this filipino/chinese dude who won an olympic gold?

Did the Philippines even send a delegate for Wushu?

Is Wushu even an olympic event?



So does that mean the Philippines has an olympic gold now?!

Update 2:
Update 3:

I answered my own question...Willy Wang won a gold medal for Wushu. But still not recognized by IOC. But he has an Olympic Gold Medal.

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  • J@ps
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    1 decade ago
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    Yes I think you answered your own question.

    And yes that is a real Olympic Gold Medal, the only difference is that it will not appear in any medal count.

    FYI, all countries hosting the summer olympics have an option of selecting sports to take out & they also have the option to include any sport as a demonstration sport. Actually Arianne Cerdena, a Filipina bowler was actually the first Filipino Olympic Gold medalist in 1988 although you might have guessed it, it was also for a demonstration sport. And when taekwondo was still a demo sport in 1992, the Philippines also won 2 bronze medals. But none since it has become a full-fledged olympic sport.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No! Wushu is not an olympic event YET. Meaning who knows maybe it will be but for now no, not just yet. I've read on their website that the olympic committee has a set of certain rules for a sport to be an official medal sport. They have these certain rules like there must be 50 countries playing a particular sport like for instance Wushu. Maybe there aren't just enough numbers for Wushu to be an official medal sport nonetheless congratulations to Willy. This dude is very talented!

  • 1 decade ago

    Wu Shu is an Olympic exhibition event like Bowling before.. It is an Olympic event but the medals are not counted towards the total tally..

    It's kind of unfair really considering that Gymnastics is considered an official one and they are also judged like Wu Shu..

    Yes, Philippines has a gold now but it doesn't count on the official standing.. sayang

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