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What can you tell me about Pastor John Guest?

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    John Guest Evangelistic Association, Inc. ("JGET") is headed by the Reverend Dr. John Guest, Pastor of Christ Church at Grove Farm, in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Its purpose is to tell people that Jesus Christ is God's Son, our Savior, and encourage them to repent and trust in Him. Nationally, JGET helps organize citywide evangelistic campaigns using a broad base of local churches and a local leadership team. Internationally, JGET has been conducting crusades in Africa, Cuba, Romania, Albania, and Ukraine since 1990. It partners with other ministries to provide literature, medicine, and training. JGET also produces a daily radio program and special one-minute commercials in which John Guest teaches and evangelizes. John is a popular conference speaker and regular evangelist at Promise Keeper Rallies. This organization is a nonprofit. Contributions to it are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. It is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

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    John Guest Pastor

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    As a Catholic I'll share that I Love Pastor Hagee's style . No bs, just straight-talk . I've watched him hundreds of times on his shows and as a guest on others and I've never heard him say that the catholic church is the great whore . I am, however, aware that parts of my church are changing and there's a subversive element within the ranks . So anything could change and therefore anything is possible . I read your comment to 'romare' . You're either confused or intentionally misrepresenting what Hagee believes on that one . In other words . . . . your wrong . Hagee and any Christian would want this evil on our earth to be stopped . But that's not the 'end' . That's the beginning . EDIT** -- One last note . The Bible itself says that even though many obvious signs of Jesus' return will be seen by all, many many will still not repent . The 'signs' are foretold and well spelled-out yet even though they're happening today many still reject the Lord and many still will not repent . Twenty years ago it was impossible to understand how so many signs could go ignored or dismissed . BUT . . . .just look around you today and now you can see that this could and does happen quite easily . Ahhhh , not so my friend . We ARE supposed to figure it out . Hence the warning signs . And hence the reason that although the Lord says no one shall know the hour or the day, He also states that wise men will know . .. and blessed are they . You're missing out on an entire portion of Christianity if you're not paying attention to what's happening . The Lord has warriors and the meek . Soft-spoken consolers and tough bastard unapologetics . Likewise, each of us 'hears' in unique ways from unique methods and people . Some of us will finally 'hear' when told by a consoler, and others will 'hear' when told by a hard man . Men of evil can and will come from all walks and all religions . Evil is evil . Corruption is corruption . The Anti-Christ himself could arise from any of the Christian churches yet still not be a reflection of that church . The 'end' and the 'beginning' are both approaching rapidly . If your eyes are unable to 'see' anything at all , at least allow them to 'see' the Bible where it states that the 'end' will come within the generation that sees Israel become a state . That was 1948 . A 'generation' could easily be the 60 years since . Or 61 or 62 or 70 , but soon no matter which . To everything there is a season . . . . . . . . .a time for war and a time for peace . . . . .etc. etc. Don't forget what you just read . Your 'life' may depend on it . Your email is not open so I'm handicapped on communicating with you . But please don't judge my intellect based upon one word "apologetic' . Doing so wouldn't be accurate . Just like I won't judge your intellect based upon your misuse of the word 'too' . My email is open .

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    What can you tell me about Pastor John Guest?

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    Isn't he a British Anglican turned evangelical preacher?

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    Awsome, He Loves JESUS!

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