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How can I contact Jet Airways Air Hostess?

Flew from Chennai to Hyd on Jet Airways. Completely mesmerized by the air hostess on the flight.

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    Maintaining Airhostess is a very costly venture...

    Yes, try to travel in the same root, when you find her immediately tell your feelings and ask for a date(don't know where she'll ask you to take, fii your cards with money)...Then....you decide

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    My friend is a flight attendent. Usually you have to contact each airline individually and they hold open days when they need to hire. She found that she got very little response when she sent her resume in on the chance they might hire, only when she responded to ads in papers did she get hired. Maybe you should just enquire when and where their next open day is going to be and be prepared to attend in person even it is miles from where you live. hope this helps.

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    Hahaha, I don't think so. If you have lots of time and money to kill, you can try to fly the same trip again and she might be there again, but there are hundreds of flight attendants for a given airline so the chances are slim.

    But don't lose hope!

  • Ya you and 20 other men! I doubt you would be able to get contact info on her - do you know how many stalkers she would have if the airlines gave her info out!

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    Fly with the same rout several times. Sometimes you will come across with her.

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    this time u try to fly in kingfisher..! u can get luvly airhostess..! lyf is to njoy 4get that airhostess

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