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What took the IOC and FIG so long to investigate the Chinese women's gymnastics team age controversy?



I heard documents surfaced that indicated three of the six chinese girls were 14.

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    The IOC and FIG, or for that matter all relevant organisations of respective sports would have verified all the athletes eligibility before hand.

    The reason why IOC asked FIG to do an investigation is because of a formal requests via a letter from USA. They have to act on the request so the investigation.

    This is the procedure. IOC/FIG cannot just any how investigate base on people's comment as they have already verified the eligibility before hand.

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    The Chinese girls all have passports showing they are 16 and for the IOC and FIG, that is all they need. The reason it's taken so long to start investigating is because there was nothing but speculation until a few days ago. Then people started uncovering documents on-line that indicate some of the athletes may be as young as 14.

    Short of a confession by an athlete or some Chinese official, how are they ever going to prove it. If it's a government "conspiracy", they are going to have all the legitimate documents they need to back up their claim.

    Even if they do find some of the athletes to be too young, and strip away their medals, I don't think the US should accept the team gold. They didn't earn that medal. But Nastia Lukin certainly has a legitimate claim to the uneven bars gold.

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    VERY good question.

    Since this will all come to light now and China KNEW all of this ahead of time and purposely lied AND each of the 3 gymnasts also knowingly lied and cheated to get the medals.....they should have another medal ceremony where they strip off the medals and then walk over and place them on the US and any other country that TRULY deserve them. Disgrace on China's face will be something that will drive them nuts.

    Its not fair that our girls worked hard all their lives and had to wait till 2008 and be 16 to compete only to have the medals stolen from them and the fact that the medal ceremony was so hard on them is terrible. You cant ever go back and make things right and the experience better since the damage has been done mentally but atleast they can makes things right by giving the right people the medals now

    Source(s): WHY didnt they do it before the olympics started? Good ? They had to of had some people questioning those girls ages beforehand...the IOC dropped the ball big time on this one and owe the US and any other country a HUGE apology especially since this tarnishes the Olympic name
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    IOC and FIG knew about the underage reports way before the Olympics started. I was wondering the same thing, about why they took so long.

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    I would guess to say that there were a few reasons.

    First they didnt want to anger the chinese government.

    Second investigating it would, in a sense, be admitting that they missed something they should have scrutinized more carefully in the first place.

  • Latest investigation reveals the passport of Valeri Liukin showing that he's only 13yrs and 7 mths old.

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    Oh you're going to love this. Their investigation is over. They looked at the passports again and concluded that they did indeed show that the girls were old enough and that there was no proof that the girls were not of the correct age.

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    I just hope that they take a look at the evidence from now deleted web sites and don't entirely rely on passports and such.

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    Tell you what, since you people believe hackers so much, why don't you ask them to send you guys evidences, I am sure they are happy to send the "solid evidence" to you with something extra.

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