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What is the difference in Fragrance categories?

im a big fan of smelling good/ sexy (lol) and i just wanted to know what is the difference between "eau de toillette" and "vaporisateur". Which is better and if they're any other types. i wear cologne (for men)


i know that the less concentration of alcohol a fragrance has will make the scent last longer...but which out of the categories are better for longer lasting scent.....?....(The vaporisateur can be found on CURVE colognes for men0

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    I haven't heard of the 2nd one, but they usually refer to the concentration of fragrance to alcohol, and thus how strong the scent is and how long it will last. For women, weakest to strongest the scents are

    Body Spray, wash, lotion

    Eau de Toilette

    Eau de Parfum (i think this may be eau de cologne in men)

    Perfume oil

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