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EUSOL消毒藥水 配方

i want to know EUSOL消毒藥水 配方..

thank you..

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    Eusol is an antiseptic solution prepared from chlorinated lime and boric acid, formerly used in treating wounds.

    The chemical inside Eusol are:

    – Sodium hypochlorite NaOCl - Milton’s

    – Hypochlorous acid HOCl

    - buffered to normal pH with boric acid.

    The name of Eusol is coming from Edinburgh University Solution

    The previous use of Eusol is mainly for dirty wound management. Subsequent widespread use of Eusol in military and civilian practice up to the 1980’s.

    Recent research show that Eusol is:

    - Evident of having toxic effects to normal wound tissue

    – Lack of efficacy in wound debridement

    - Lack of evidence of beneficial antibacterial effect

    - Cell toxicity The toxic effects of chlorinated

    - Toxicity to cells in cell culture

    - Toxic effects on neutrophils

    - inhibition of neutrophil mobility

    The common formulation of Eusol:

    Chlorinated lime 1.25

    Boric acid 1.25

    Purified water at 100

    Uses: Contains approximately 2500 ppm of "available chlorine". Used as a disinfecting solution and as a wet dressing.

    Directions for use: Use as required on wounds and ulcers..

    Precautions for use: In some patients, Eusol may cause irritation to surrounding skin. If necessary, the surrounding area may be protected with soft paraffin eg. Vaseline. Some clinicians no longer recommend the use of Eusol, due to the risk of irritation and availability of alternative agents. Product should be freshly prepared and used within 2 weeks of manufacture.

    NB: It is not recommanded to be used for wound management nowadays, so be careful in using this solution.

    Source(s): from my knowledge and reference from other articles
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