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What are the top 5 Makeup Faux Pas Mistakes?

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    1.Wearing too much makeup. It is supposed to enhance your natural beauty, you should be noticed, not your makeup.

    2.The wrong shade of foundation/line at jaw. The wrong shade can make you look worse rather than better, and what is worse than the line where your foundation ends at your jaw line.

    3. Clumped mascara. Ladies please listen up! Start by curling your eyelashes, be gentle or your lashes will fall out. Now the secret, Use a paper towel to remove excess mascara from the applicator brush before applying. Apply evenly from the base of inner lashes, to the outer lashes. If applying a second coat, focus on the tips of lashes.

    4. Overplucked eyebrows, or shapeless eyebrows. The overplucked brow adds years to your face and is not the brow that flatters the face. To get the perfect shape, hold a pencil at the top of your brow. Taking a second pencil place it at a 90 degrees, or straight up behind your iris, or colored part of your eye, mark the spot on your eyebrow where the two pencils meet with an eyebrow pencil. This is where the arch of your eyebrow should be.

    5. lip linner extending beyond your lips, obvious blush, running mascara, runnning eyelinner..where does it end? Only 5 you must be an optimist.

    Source(s): I was a Make-up consultant.
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    Well these are just my pet peeves and they pretty much repeat what the others have said:

    1. Wrong color foundation... not blended... honestly it doesn't look natural it doesn't look pretty and yes everyone will notice that line.

    2. BLACK EYELINER & MASCARA IN THE DAY TIME... black is too harsh of a color for day time wear.. go with a dark brown!

    3. Not blending your eyeliner so you have that harsh line... great eyeliner doesn't show the line at all..

    4. Wearing dark eyes and dark lips... just play up one or the other

    5. Wearing too many colors: rule says you should only have 3 colors on your eyes at one time and this includes your eyeliner

    6: women over 20 should not wear shimmery eye makeup unless it is halloween

    7. DONT match your eyes or lips to the color clothes you are wearing... nore should you ever wear the same color all over your face! And to create a more interesting look dont wear the same color shadow as your eyes are..

    8. No drawn on eyebrows!

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    I heartily disagree with most of what everyone has said here, except for the not blending in or using the right foundation. Too much eyeliner? Eyeliner is bad in the daytime? Red lips are slutty?

    Who are you people, the fashion police? Only "supermodels" and "celebrities" care about that. What is wrong with having your own style and/or being a bit more daring? Some people look good in red lipstick. Some people look good in dark, heavy eyeliner. The trick is to find what best suits YOU and make it your own without being afraid to experiment. People need to be more outgoing and willing to do their own thing. Do you really want to let celebrities choose what you should and should not do? Would they listen if YOU had advice for them? Of course not! I feel there are NO rules except for making sure you blend blend blend. Besides that...take control and anything is ok, as long as YOU are ok with it.

    Source(s): http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c152/StarBl00d/P... I am a follower of ALL fashion/make up no-no's...but I make it my own and it is my way of life...I wouldn't have it any other way!
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    Oh how fun! I love these!

    1. Shaky liquid liner. Stick to a pencil until you've got it mastered, then upgrade.

    2. Orange skin. I used to live in San Diego and I can't tell you how sick I am of those stupid oompa loompa looking girls

    3. Lipstick/lipgloss that is too light. Your lips just look nasty and crusty. Quit it

    4. Winged eyeliner with a pencil. It's too thick to do a proper wing and it looks nasty and fuzzy.

    5. Unblended eyeshadow. You're not done yet! You're so close yet so far away!

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    1. not blending your foundation right.

    especially if youre using an orangeish or overly toned color, the difference between it and your skin color will create stripes that are gross.

    2. wearing too much black eyeliner.

    WINEHOUSE. nnuffsaid.

    3. red lipstick.

    it will either make you look desperate, loose, or washed up unless you are one of the 2% of women who can pull it off.

    4.glitter in general is bad. anywhere.

    5.chola eyebrows.

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    1) when you ahve the wrong shade or too much coverup

    2)when your lipliner is super dark

    3)pitch black eye makeup and lots of it

    4)really bright eyeshadow thast not properly applied

    5)being 10 and wearing black eyeliner

    Source(s): opinion
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    too much

    mascara that clumps

    foundation showing where it ends at neck

    blck circles covered in a stark white concealer

    bluch that is not blended or of a very fake color

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    the wrong color foundation & not blending it in properly, too dark lipliner & too much lipliner, too much black eye makeup......

    ...can't think of anymore

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    wearing too much!

    wrong colour foundation

    too much blush!

    red lipstick does NOT look go on everyone!

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