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How do you identify yourself?

I'm not asking how you think one should identify themselves, but how you personally identify yourself. Through race? An interest?

Do you not identify yourself through anything, or not think about it?

These are just leading questions; you can answer however you like.


Also: why do you identify yourself like that? Why do you think it's important to identify at all?

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    i identify myself through the actions i made in my life...

    (i am heavily influenced by music and sometimes use it to express myself, heres a good quote from a song:)

    "If I had a chance for another try

    I wouldn’t change a thing

    It’s made me all who I am inside

    And if I could thank God that I am here and that I am alive

    And everyday I wake I tell myself a little harmless lie

    The whole wide world is mine"

    , answering the 2nd part...

    by identifying oneself, i feel as if it removes the question "who am i" from themselves, which is a question that still ponders most of us today. knowing yourself is the closest thing to yourself

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    A nice blend of modern and traditional values. Basically say what you mean, but don't be an azz. The boy takes out the garbage, while the girl opens the door for him (if in a gayship and not a hetroship whoever doesn't mind the smell of the garbage). Always be nice because the karma fairy will find out. Whoever cooks the best does the cooking. I don't know I just keep everything simple and without drama, it gives more time to laugh and smile. With that said, bare in mind I am human . . . cell phone people who continue to talk at the front of a line where ever you are, but example coffee establishments~can all die a caffiene free slow death.~just put down the phone and order your drink people.

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    I identify myself through my personality and my work. Regardless of race everyone has there own self identity whether it's bad or good. Showing people who you are is identifying yourself

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  • I identify myself to who God says I am.

    If I am what I do I always need to do more and achieve more to find my value.

    If I am what others say I’ll always try to please people.

    But if I listen to who God says I am and embrace his identity in me I’ll find the freedom to live out all He has planned for me.

    I am not defined by my feelings. I am not defined by the opinions of others or by circumstances. I am not defined by my successes or failures. I am not defined by the car I drive, the money I make, or the house I say I own.

    The thing is, if you don’t know who you are, then you’re vulnerable to other people telling you who you are. But the concrete, solid, gospel truth is that you are who God says you are, and no one else has a vote in the matter.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    My fathers name was Reece,I am very proud to have that name. Bobby R Reece........I know this isn't what you are looking for, but I don't associate identity with race, color, religion, gender or anything else. We are who we are, everybody is different and we should let it go at that.......######

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    Self identity helps us as social creatures to find our place with in our society. I see myself as a environmentalist, freethinker, a young professional, atheist, girlfriend, vegetarian.

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    i identify myself through my passions.

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