Michael Phelps/ Usain Bolt- What do you think?

There are 3 questions to be answered

1) What do you think of Michael Phelps leaving the Olympics after winning the 8 gold medals, do you think he should have stayed to support the rest of athletes in team USA.

I say yes cause the basketball team and other US athletes went to support him.

2) what do you think about all those who debate if Phelps is the greatest olympian ever?

I say give credit where credit is deserved. I still say Mark Spitz is a great olympian but Phelps did better. So until someone breaks that record Phelps is the best.

3) what do you think of IOC chief's criticism of Usain Bolt about his lack of sportmanship, he said he doesn't think Usain is in the same league as Phelps.

I say Usain deserves his wins. Let him celebrate, which athlete doesn't celebrate like crazy after winning gold. Maybe he didn't win 8 medals but I think he is great. In fact all athletes who won medals are great even if they didn't win 8 medals. But of course Phelps winning 8 medals is the best.

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  • Doc
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    1 decade ago
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    1.Phelps like most swimmers only care about their own sport,they are NOT supportive of team USA,fricking selfish in my opinion.

    2.There's no damn way a swimmer can be considered the greatest Olympian.This title has to be awarded to an athlete of the Olympic's signature event,which is definitely Track & Field

    Athletes like Jesse Owens,Carl Lewis,Michael Johnson and yes Usain Bolt will always be rated as greater Olympians than Spitz and Phelps,sorry swimming fans that's just the way it is.

    3.The IOC president didn't criticize Phelps for celebrating,but made a big deal of Bolt's.What an azzhole president, oh I forgot he's French.

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    There is no way you can put a swimmer with an athlete running track. Swimming is a no pressure sport. Think about it seriously. Which sport you can compete in three or four meets in a day and still do finals at night. It is way to easy. No other event can the competitors do so much in one day it is far too hard on the body except swimming. Usain is the best of this Olympics. Phelps did well but swimming is not such a sport to tax the body and also look at his competitors they were all a joke. Phelps is only being credited alot because he is American and white. Eight gold medals to Phelps is like one in track. I am not trying to down play what he did, but it is no comparison to track and field.

    The second part is because he had other obligations to take care of and the IOC is just trying to satisfy some people who were intimidated by his celebration. He is a fun person who enjoys his victory and he deserves to.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Well now after the 200s I most certainly will say Usain Bolt. There was something about the slaughtering of the world records in the swimming that made me feel like there are new technical things (and circumstantial like the pook being deeper) that kind of takes away some of the glory from Phelps. And also you can compete in so many more events as a swimmer (do the swimming competitions ever stop?). As such, there is no doubt for me that Bolt's achievement beats Phelp's, although we are comparing titans here!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Bolts the fastest man in the world on foot. Phelps is the fastest in the pool. Regardless of medal count I think they're equal.

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  • Pazuzu
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    1 decade ago

    1. He didn't leave right away. In fact, he was shown at a basketball game. His early departure was business related.

    2. I agree

    3. Yea, I think criticizing him for celebrating is a bit harsh. It's not like he was going up to the other athletes and rubbing it in their faces.

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