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Drunken Brawl Fights Round Two!?

Ok, here are the results from last round:

Bon Scott beats Angus Young 7-5

Dav Mustaine clears the floor with Axl 8-4

Slash dominates Adrian Smith 11-2

Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix are TIED 6-6

Eric Clapton beats Bob Dylan 8-4

Mick Jagger beats Paul McCartney 9-2

Keith Richards beat Ringo Starr 9-3

Bruce Dickinson barely beats his NWOBHM fellow frontman, Rob Halford 7-6

Ozzy beats his Sabbath replacement, Dio 7-5

these is the lineup for the next round:

Jimmy Page- skips this round

Jimi Hendrix- skips this round

Bon Scott vs Eric Clapton(Australia's best vs arguably guitar's best)

Dav Mustaine vs Slash(battle of dudes who had bad experiences with their original bands)

Bruce Dickinson vs Ozzy Osbourne(battle of the Heavy Metal Frontmen)

Mick Jagger vs Keith Richards (Classic Rock Inner-band showdown!)

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    Slash will stick a smoke in Mustaines eye.

    Ozzy will bite Bruce's head off.

    Jagger and Richards will get into a slap fight which ends with both sitting on the ground crying and no winner.

    Hah I had fun with this one

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    Bon Scott Dave would drop Axl like a bag of grime because he'd punch him in that plastic surgery ridden face of his and anything would explode. Minimize-He'd provide Adrian the clap Jimmy web page-handiest because Jimi can be too high and mellow to fight back. Bob Dylan would win simplest on the grounds that Clapton would take one seem at Bob's face and run. Mick Jagger-He simply looks like he'd be soiled. Ringo-isn't Keith technically useless but? Rob Halford-He'd whip Bruce's azz along with his enormous studded leather belt. Ozzy-Dio's too short. All Ozzy would have got to do is put his hand on prime of Ronnie's head and Ronnie wouldn't be ready to contact him.

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    Eric Clapton

    Slash! (He'll take out his velvet revolver,[pun intended]}

    Ozzy Osbourne (He is kinda old, but he looks like he can still kick your a$$ any day)

    Mick Jagger (His face would probably scare Keith to death!)

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    Clapton - After all, he shot the sheriff, he'll shoot you.

    Slash - Whips out his velvet revolver to shoot Dave.

    Ozzy - He just bites the head off of Bruce.

    Jagger - Ya know, I don't know why he won, I guess it was just the luck of the draw.

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    -- Eric Clapton

    -- Dave

    -- Bruce

    -- Mick

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    Orville Gibson shoots up the place

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