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Do you like squirrels?.. Do you think squirrels are cute?

would you answer this question about squirrels?..;_ylt=Ak67w...

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    According to my friend, they are evil hellspawn that are amassing an army to take the world from humanity.

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    One or two are cute but in numbers they can be a nuisance and cause a lot of damage. Especially the piney squirrels which will chew through the soffit of a house and get up in the attic where they chew on electric wiring. They can also get into other buildings and do so much damage you will wish you could get rid of them. If you feed one, you will have others coming around.

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    I think Squirrels are quite industrious! and they are kinda cute, but chipmunks are cuter. Red Squirrels try to encompass the cuteness of chipmunks and the ingenuity of squirrels but fail at both. Have you every tried to out smart a squirrel when they want to get to your bird feeder! It's almost impossible, but I guess if I didn't have anything else to do all day but figure out how to eat. I'd be that good at acrobatics!

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    Hi, Black rectangle.

    Happy Friday!

    I love squirrels.They are the cutest. Everywhere I go in California I see them hanging out. Some are very friendly and will eat from the palm of your hand.

    I went to Canada and there i saw a black squirrel.



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    I do think they are cute, but at the same time, I live in the desert,so I am not in a place where squirrels are found looking out your window...

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    lol x] funnii question. one time i was sitting on a bench and then a squirrel came right next to me ON THE BENCH! x] you usually see that happen in movies. LOLOL. okiee. and it like wanted my icecream and it came soo close to my lap then it started touching my lap with its littlee bitty arms o-o so. basically i fed it some of my ice cream >.< i took part of the ice cream (side with nuts) and placed it in front of its face. LOL the squirrel ate it and so then i fed it a couple of times more. then i got up. ate my ice cream and it ran under a tree. nibbling on the rest of the ice cream bit. it was so CUTE so yes. i think squirrels are cute. but i stole my icecream~

    Source(s): my source.. MY OWNN EYESSSS :D and other people who happened to walk by and say. that squirrels going to steal your ice cream :]
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    haha their cute, but i bet you've never seen a squirrel poop.


    oh and by the way, once i answer this question, im a level 3 Y&A user!

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    I love squirrels, except when they get in my bird feeders! They are so cute. Ever watch one when they have a nut? So funny...

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    The gray ones I like but I hate the red ones,they are mean and have invaded my home chewing through wood etc..

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    squirrels are adorable

    have you seen a black squirrel? SUPER CUTE

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