What is the reaction between Iodine and starch?(Urgent!)?

I need the reaction equation(s) between Iodine and starch as one part of my experiment report.I will need source for your answer.Thanks!

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    Iodine solution is used to test for starch. A bluish-black color indicates the presence of iodine in the starch solution. It is thought that the iodine fits inside the coils of amylose. A 0.3% w/w solution is the standard concentration for a dilute starch indicator solution. It is made by adding 4 grams of soluble starch to 1 litre of heated water; the solution is cooled before use (starch-iodine complex becomes unstable at temperatures above 35 °C). This complex is often used in redox titrations: in presence of an oxidizing agent the solution turns blue, in the presence of reducing agent, the blue color disappears because triiodide (I3−) ions break up into three iodide ions, disassembling the complex.

    Under the microscope, starch grains illuminated from behind with polarized light show a distinctive Maltese cross effect (also known as extinction cross and birefringence).

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    Reaction Between Starch And Iodine

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    4 years ago

    Iodide and sulfuric acid react to form iodine.

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