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how long is a rabbits life span?

what little things can you do to make sure your rabbit has a long, healthy life?


my rabbit is 7

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    most rabbit owners regard a rabbit's life span for only up to 5 years.this is because they probably keep their rabbits outside.a rabbit's REAL life span on average is up to 10 years.but this only the average life span.you may extend the life span of your pet.

    outside kept rabbits will have a cut-off of its life span by 5 years.rabbits may live of up to 18-20 years.it depends on you if the rabbit will live longer.make sure that you give your rabbit proper care so its life span may be extended.

    so if you have a rabbit who is 7 years old,you may still be with him for up to 13 years more.

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    Rabbits Life Cycle

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    I believe the oldest rabbit is around 14, but the average rabbit life span is 7-8 years. (For those who say rabbits live 2-3 years my bunny is going on 4 and has more energy than I know what to do with)

    Feed your rabbits lots of fresh veggies, with some hay and pellets. Get him out every day and let him run for at -least- 15 minutes. Keep his cage cleaned regularly (if he is litter trained change the litter box every other day). Keep his food bowl and water dish/bottle clean to avoid any diseases. Get him checked by a vet once a year, or more if he has any symptoms. Make sure he has a spacious cage so he can stretch out. Groom him and trim his toenails regularly. Overall, just keep him and his environment clean and he should be set for a long healthy, happy life. :]

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    how long is a rabbits life span?

    what little things can you do to make sure your rabbit has a long, healthy life?

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    To make shore your rabbit has a healthy and long life provide him with fresh food every day and fresh cut vegetables to eat feed him vitamins and let him have plenty of exercise out side of his cage and let him play with you. take proper precautions when he is sick. My Dutch rabbit is turning 6 this year and he is healthy and i expect him to live longer.

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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/awl8I

    Rabbits with good care and proper feeding can live anywhere from 8-12 yrs. old,.. however, some are not given that chance.

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    Between 8-12 years if they are well cared for and have a proper diet. I have five bunnies and my oldest just turned 11 this summer, he is healthy and full of energy.

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    2-4 years.

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    itz life span is around somehow 9 to 10 years if healthy!

    to keep it healthy dont let it eat chocolate and garbage -type things!

    like socks----------- dont let it get disease by not releasing to the wild or if u have a pet tht has disease ~dont let it go near the rabbit

    give fresh water food clean shelter

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    From what I heard it depends on the breed. I have a drawf bunny and the previous owners said they only live to be seven the oldest. He is six almost seven and he seems perfectly fine. so I am not exactly sure.

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