What does 'Talking in circles' mean?

What is circular thinking and what is it good for?


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    Circular means going everywhere but to the core of the issue. Implications, ramifications, parallels, precedents; everything except who should do what. Conversation, debate even, are diversions - entertainment. There are so many things to talk about over which we have absolutely no control, such as the justification of Russia's incursion into Georgia. We can only talk in circles about such things, and the good that it does is the sheer enjoyment of the exercise.

    However, talking in circles about a matter that is with your power and responsibility - such as if and when you are going to get married, or buy this house or that car, is to irresponsibly evade the issue.

  • J.S.
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    1 decade ago

    Talking in circles usually means saying things that just lead back to where you began and don't really get you anywhere. Circular thinking is much the same.

    Talking circles are different, and can be used to have discussions where everyone's opinion is taken into account.


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    I consider circular thinking and talking in circles two different things.

    Talking in circles is when someone has a speech that keeps looping back to one point, commonly seen in school essays where the student cannot add on to a subject.

    Circular thinking is a method of mental discovery that involves looping back thoughts to connect to an original point, thereby finding links in seemingly uncommon things.

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    Talking in circles means to go from one thought to another that always leads back where you began.

    Circular thinking is much the same as talking in circles.

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  • It means basically talking about a subject or subjects and basically going no where with the topic

  • 1 decade ago

    It means to talk and talk and to keep repeating yourself, but never getting to the point!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it means your going no-where with your conversation.

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