x-men 90s or x-men 2008 comics?

hey guys i don't know wha to buy of the x-men comics....

please recommend me something...

i don't know to star from x-men 90s http://www.mycomicshop.com/search?TID=97071

or the most new uncanny one the number 500?

pleaase tell me!

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    Well, both have their pros and cons.

    90s Pros: You get the introduction of several popular and important X-men characters, like Bishop, Gambit, Jubilee, Cannonball, and Cable. Also, many of the famous story arcs of the X-men occurred during the 90s, like Age of Apocalypse, Onslaught, and Operation Zero Tolerance. Plus, key events like Wolverine losing his adamantium and some cool new series like Generation X and X-Force.

    90s Cons: There were so many different X-books that it's hard to keep the stories straight since a story that began in X-Men would often be continued in another series, like Uncanny X-Men. Also, the constant Alternate-Dimension business (like Age of Apocalypse) made it slightly confusing what was really happening.

    2008 Pros: With Ed Brubaker writing Uncanny X-Men, the series has taken a dramatic new turn. With the X-Men still recuperating from M-Day, Messiah Complex, Divided We Stand, and their recent move to San Francisco, the series has definatly become one of Marvel's best. Plus, their involvement in Secret Invasion (see this month's Secret Invasion: X-Men # 1 of 4) has realled forced readers to analyze the team and wonder who could betray them.

    2008 Cons: The more modern the comic is, the more backstory there is and if you aren't familiar with the backstory, then it's easy to get lost. Also, the comics no longer seem to tie in together as well as they used to. For example, in Secret Invasion: X-men # 1, the San Francisco based X-men are knee-deep in battle with the Skrulls, but a week later when Uncanny X-men # 501 came out, there was not a single Skrull in San Francisco, nor was the invasion even mentioned. Plus, several members have returned to the team between # 500 and #501, (such as Karma) without any explaination.

    So, my advice: I really like the 90s because of the large amount of diversity in the X-Men and the books, but if it came to a choice between Uncanny X-Men # 282 (which came out in November of 1991) or Uncanny X-men # 502 (next month issue of the series), I would choose the modern issue.

  • John N
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    I'd start from the 90s. At this point the X-Men comics are so confusing. Start from the 90s and slowly work your way to the present...believe me you will get confused if you start from # 500.

    If you can pick up the 80s' X-Men (Chris Clairmont / John Byrne issues)

    They were at their best during that era.

  • 4 years ago

    From subject One? Geez, you may could desire to circulate each and all the before to the 1960's. the final memories come from the Chris Claremont era. he's the genius who wrote the dark Phoenix Saga, Days of destiny previous, the Brood Saga, and countless different great storylines. do not circulate by potential of those terrible movies that tremendously a lot bastardized Chris Claremont's marvelous memories, and butchered them previous all attractiveness.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    just pick it up from 500, new story line starts there anyway, but if you do want to go back and read the old issues the marvel masterworks are pretty bad a$$


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