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What do you thing that IOC decided to investigate Chinese gymnast's age?

I wonder if China can cheat something like that...

Is it true that they change the DOB on passports?

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    because this is true and the IOC dont wanna be treated like a fool..

    found this online, share with u guys..

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    Yes its starting to heat up.

    According to Yahoo, a computer security expert has found a spreadsheet by the General Administration of Sport of China that lists for as 14 years old in the cache of the Baidu search engine. Listings on other search engines like google to the information could no longer be accessed.

    However there are several news reports in Chinese media saying that each was 13/14 this year as well, which there later told to be wrong by state officials, adding more fuel to the fire.

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    if anyone had found the evidence, why won't he/she reveal it first, before report to the media?

    that will end all the speculation.

    I will be disappointed if IOC didn't investigate, it has responsibility after all, just like going after the Athletes who are doping.

    to Dirk,

    there is no more CCCP, it ended in 91, please wake up, the cold war is OVER

    well, this is the example of Westerners still think China as the old Soviet Union.

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    It is a shame that there is so much focus on these incidents that it seem to foreshadow everything else. The opening ceremony was great, even with the replacement "singer". I hope everyone can look at the host country performance as a whole. IMO, China did a wonderful job.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, I believe the girl he Kexin is not 16. Just check out the website. When I first saw her perform on TV, I thought she was 12! Granted, Chinese girls/women are known to look younger than westerners. But in this case, it crosses the line.

    I do believe they cheated, however, when you think about it, does it really matter? Would a chance of getting a medal increase because she is 2 years younger than she claims to be?? It is sad that China lied and broke the rule, but not because US is using such excuse due to their jealousy.

  • Bart
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    1 decade ago

    It is a sad day. Many ancestor are weeping China Has always taken the high road when it came to honor. But there is no honor in cheating. There is only shame. And what I find revolting is that they would never ask a man to cheat because he would loose honor but they will TELL a women to cheat and she must... Very sad day Much Shame

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    yes... our China is cheating.I personally think only 程菲 is of age.

    they did change the DOB on their passport.

    I know because china has cheated on thing not even concerning events... in places I didn't know you could cheat!

    I am ashamed of China.

    I bet a lot of you don't know that those footsteps in the opening ceremony were digitally enhanced and never really happened.

    They also masked the real singer of the Chinese national anthem in the opening ceremony. They sent a 'cuter' little girl to go sing and the real singer wasn't even on stage.

    One gymnast already admitted to being 14, so no doubt in my mind... china is cheating...

    I just hope this is all they'll do... T_T

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    i'm actually korean-chinese, and i'm not saying this just because china is part of my heritage, but i can't help but feel that there's something fishy going on. i believe that there's more than what meets the eye.

    china can't be that stupid to risk their reputation like that. if they really cheated, then they're really a fool.

  • 1 decade ago

    I would like to know what the truth is! I'm really curious about it, to be honest, I think if Chinese did cheat on this, it would be a great great shame!

  • Wang Z
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    1 decade ago

    I am a Chinese. I don't hear any news about the age problem. But if it is true China should be punished.

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