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what is tap water- drink or not?

is tap water the water we drink from the filter faucet, if it isnt then what is it.

ps: its for my fish they told me not to use tap water but i dont know what it is.

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    Yes tap water from the tap (aka the faucet). In the UK the tap IS the faucet, I learned this the hard way when I lived in the US when I was kid and spent 10 minutes trying to ask people how to turn off a tap and only getting very blank stares until someone asked why I hadn't turned the faucet off. *headdesk*

    The water must be dechlorinated using a dechlorinator from the aquatics store before it's safe for fish. All tap water has chlorine or chloramine and other chemicals in it, which is safe for us, but not for fish and will also kill off beneficial bacteria within the filter and causing an ammonia spike, killing the fish.

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    Tap water is water from the regular city source. It has chlorine and in some area chloramine which hurts fish and kills beneficial bacteria.

    However, Filtered water is also bad as it is removing trace elements that the fish and bacteria depend on.

    So the best thing to do is to not use STRAIGHT tap water, but tap water with a conditioner. (A dechlorinator)

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    Tap water comes form the faucet.

    It is best to condition the water with a special conditioner (available at the pet/fish store) to make the water safe for your fish.

    You can also by water from the store that is purified by reverse osmosis. Most grocers have a machine there you can fill you own water jugs for something like 40 cents a gallon.

    Be careful selecting bottled water and such from store shelves, as a lot of it has additives or carbonation that could be harmful to your fish.

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    various the water I drink is filtered faucet water and prefer that. not that there is relatively something incorrect with faucet water, it relatively is in simple terms harsher and filtered has a softer, extra friendly style. i don't think of i've got ever had bottled water.

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    yes tap is from the faucet... and no dont use it. it contains phosphate, metal, and it you live in an old house rust. algea eats and grows on phosphates.

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