Interested in a Uni Course, but not really sure what grades/subjects I need...?

All the details are in the link above. I'm interested in studying English Lit. at Trinity Dublin, but I know it's extremely hard to get into. I'm not really understanding the points system (some people are telling me it's Irish, some people are telling me different - but I would like to deal in A-E grades, please) at the moment, but I imagine one would need 4 As at A-level? I'm in Northern Ireland, could someone please summarize what Grades I would need at GCSE, AS and A Level to be in with a chance? If any subjects (other than English Lit throughout and the usual passes at GCSE) does it require? English language too? I don't want to combine it with anything. Do GSCE grades matter, or do you just need a pass? And any personal experience would be appreciated greatly.

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    Its hard to tell you what grades you need though because that course (TR001) is not just a single course.

    Its English combined with something else

    For example English Lit combined with Latin is 520 points

    English Lit combined with Music is 530 points

    English Lit combined with Psychology is 550 points

    To see the possible English Lit combinations an dpoints look here

    If want to do English Lit alone then that couse is TR023

    Its 510 points

    Obviously all the points are Leaving cert points.

    Since your doing AS/A levels you nned to convert your results in points.

    You calculate your points this way.

    As levels:

    A = 60

    B = 50

    C = 40

    D = 30

    A levels:

    A = 150

    B = 130

    C = 105

    D = 80

    To calculate your score you add the points from your 4 best A-levels


    from your 3 best A-levels and one of your As levels.

    So to get 510 points you need at

    At least 4 B's at A-level


    At least 3 A's at A-level and 1 A at AS-level

    You can read more about it here

    Source(s): Im Irish
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