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legal to sell music made from software?

you have all these software programs... they have virtual instruments.. and drum sounds that you can create songs with. is it legal to sell music made off of these software programs?

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    You have the right to sell what you compose.

    The software is usually a means to compose.

    Take the application software Pro-tools for example. They are a preferred software for a lot of composers. The package comes with some plug-in sounds but you can also get other freeware sounds as well as purchase other plugins for the software. You are allowed to sell your composed music from these sounds but not package and sell the actual sound itself.

    So you can create as much music and sell it as you wish, you just can't sell the individual sounds that the plugins or software offer you.

    Contrary to what was said above... there is a market for it. Many commercials producers rely on this type of music to add to their projects.

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    If you mean you are "playing" music generated by "virtual instrument" programs, where YOU control the music, and it creates an mp3, wav, ogg etc. sound file, that will play without the use of those programs, then YES it is legal. YOU are the one creating the music, using those programs as your musical instrument.

    On the other hand, if it requires that program to play it back, then you can't re-distribute that program, so you can't sell the music without also selling the program to play it back with.

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    I disagree with Cav, you are under no obligation to pay for the use of the sounds. That's part of the agreement that you "sign" when you install the software. There would be no reason that I can think of why you would not be allowed to sell the music that you make from the sound clips. Of course it's always better to have your own clips, but if it's the background music there is no obligation to pay the company any "royalties" or anything.

    Go ahead and sell the music, there shouldn't be any issue with it,


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    YES!!! Only, read the End User License Agreement (EULA) of the software you are using. They might retain a right to the sounds / loops that came preinstalled with the software. Some of these companies only want an honorable mention, some will want money for royalties.

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  • Check that your software isn't an academic license version. If it is, please read the fine print. Many companies require you only use academic software non-commercially, that is, not use their product for monetary reward until you buy a full version. Sorry, but they believe working artists (no matter how menial!) can afford to pay them the hundreds (or thousands) of dollars.

    Also, samples sometimes come encumbered with restrictions. You should find licensing information for them somewhere on your installation media.

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    If you are making music with instruments found on the computer... and your writing your OWN notes/songs that do not infringe on copyrights of others... I would say that you are PERFECTLY legal in creating music.

    As for you selling it on your own... that might be difficult to find a market. If you got some sort of soundtract deal, you might have a chance!

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    Yes it is legal to sell your creation. as long as you are not using copy-written material you are 100% legal. Make sure you copy write your product before selling it so that you can prove that it is yours.

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    It's not legal if those are copyrighted, and theyalmost surely are.

  • 1 decade ago long as its of your own making then yes...but if it sounds similar to anothers music you may have to proove its yours.

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    If it's your creation (lyrics, symphony, rhythm) then, yes. otherwise no.

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