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girl coming round, need advice?

i am having a girl around my house in a few days for the first time to watch a movie, i am worried that i its gonna be awkward because we will watch a film which is what 30-minutes, how do i keep her entertained lol, it sounds stupid but i like her enough to be concerned so can someone help me pls, just some advice would be great thanks

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    You don't need to entertain her. The movie is the entertainment. Don't talk during it unless she asks you something. You can lightly touch her arm or something when something is funny. Follow the other poster's advice on having snacks and drinks, and some things in your mind that you can talk about. After the movie is over, ask her how she liked it. You can ask "what did you think when that guy said...?" Things like that.

  • How about cooking a meal together... go for a walk... Heyyyy, how about a nice chat?

    Make sure she's comfortable and you ask her if she would like something to drink and maybe prepare a appetizer for the two of you to share! Have fun, relax and be funny!

    And, the clown suit idea is absolutely hilarious!

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    well just sit watch the movie and then lean over to her ask her if you can put your arm around her if she says yeah then do it. try stroking her hair hold her hand. I had a guy do that on our first date and i really liked it. not only that he asked but becuase it was relaxing. Things will fall into place after that. you just have to make the first move cause girls usually dont

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    Put your arm around her while you're watching the movie.

    Kiss her a few times while your watching it.

    It'll probably make her happy.

    Other than that, you don't have to entertain her.

    That's what the movie is for! =]

    Good luck!

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    The movie should be entertaining enough. Just have enough refreshements around.

    Don't sweat it! You'll be fine!

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    i think your best bet is to prepare like a buffet on a table in front of you and then when she has got comfy at about half way through the film slowly put your arm round her

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    matters on what she likes to do. Play a FUN board game or cards and turn on some tunes and just play 'n talk

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    watch ya film have a laff n be yaself thats the best thing,serious

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    go on a walk, bake cookies, show her ur music collection, if shes coming over, she probab ly likes you too and is just as nervous, so just get to know each other better

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    Have something to drink. soda?

    see if she likes candy.. make it like going to the movies! :) that would be cute.

    just relax and be yourself obviously she likes you for you, cause she agreed to come over and chill. :)

    hope all goes well :)

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