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Anonymous asked in Beauty & StyleFashion & Accessories · 1 decade ago

How can i cut down and save cash on Back to school clothes?

my mom says shes not spending as much as she used to this year for school clothes, this is my list of stuff i need

Wallet: Aerie Change Purse in Khaki Rope $7.50 (1)

Bag: Victoria’s Secret PINK Rugby Tote in Stripey Blue $19.50 (1)

Jeans: AE 77 Straight Jean in Antique Destroyed Wash $49.50, buy one pair, get one 50% off, AE 77 Straight Jean in Soft Rinse $14.75 (2)

Tanks: Hollister Hollywood Beach tank in navy or brown $14.90, AE Boyfriend tank in Harbor Blue $7.95, Hollister Malibu Tank in Grey or Light Grey $15.50 (3)

Hoodies/Sweaters: AE Academy Cardigan in Heather Grey $39.50, Hollister San Onfre Hoodie in Oatmeal $39.50, VS PINK Signature Hoodie in Win Yellow $44.50 (3)

Tees: Hollister Ocean Beach Appliqué Tee in Blue $24.50, VS PINK Football Tee in Navy $24.50, VS PINK Rebel Graphic Tee in Green $15.50, Hollister Mussel Shoals Tee in White $20 (4)

Sweats: VS PINK Lazy Days Sweats in Comfy Grey $26.50, Aerie Relaxed Straight Pant in Classic Navy $34.50 (2)

Shoes: (Payless) American Eagle Classmate Button Slip On $19.99 or American Eagle Outfitters Classic Slide in Khaki or Black $29.50 (1)

Shorts: Aero Solid Shorty Short in Bleach and/or Khaki $9.99 (2)

Coat: Jack BB Dakota “Shir” Coat w/ Removable Hood in Black $76 or Tulle Big Button Coat in Black $89 both at Nordstrom (1)

Undies: 5 for $25 at Aerie (5)

Total: $529.58!

Usually id get more designer stuff (like juicy) but not this year. my brother is going to college and that drained my parents. so what do you think i should do? any tips?


okay fine its stuff i want! but im using that coin purse as a wallet for money and to hold my school id!!

Update 2:

im only getting one coat!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What about buying part of it now and the rest later, maybe in several shopping trips? Even over a couple months might make a difference to your parents.

    While your wish list isn't outrageous and the prices are reasonable for each piece, if your parents won't put out the money, that's the way it's going to be.

    Also, in the future you might want to keep your eyes open for sales. I buy my son A&F and PacSun clothes on sale and save a lot. So much of it is similar year to year. (But IMO last year was nicer than this year's new stuff.) Hollister, etc is usually similar year to year.

    Can you replace some items, like Hollister Malibu tank with a cheaper Target (or wherever) tank? If there are items that aren't unique, you might try to replace them with a cheaper copy. But decide how much cheaper, if it's not a big difference, than stick with name brands, quality tends to be better and the clothes last longer.

    Cheaper undies will save some money.

    Do you need 3 Hoodies? Is it going to be cold where you are in Sept? What about buying one now (if needed weather-wise) and then others later in the school year. Do you need the coat and sweatpants right now? Do you have some from last year you can wear? Maybe it will be easier for your parents to pay smaller amounts later on, or maybe you'll have a job.

    Are you old enough to get a job? My 17 yr old niece has been working at an upscale dept store for over a year and makes good money -- and spends it, even though she gets gifted Juicy and other designer clothes.

    Try Goodwill or thrift store in expensive neighborhoods. I often see $200 pairs of jeans ($5 - $7) and designer stuff at our Goodwill. Of course, sometimes there is nothing good, but it's worth a look. Add a little uniqueness to your style!

    Take good care of your clothing so you can wear it next year if you're the same size. Build your wardrobe! My niece is a piglet and her nice clothes get destroyed, permanently borrowed, or lost.

    And remember, since your parents are cutting back on your clothing fund for your bro's college fund, they'll very likely be helping you with college too, and that's very important!

    Thank goodness my son's private school requires uniforms! I spend $125 on sale at Old Navy and I'm pretty much done for the school year. But of course, tuition is ridiculous.

    Good luck on your shopping!

  • 1 decade ago

    Alot of stores are MUCH cheaper than that, and you dont NEED all that stuff.

    A new wallet? Why not just use the one you already have?

    And alot of that stuff you could find similar things for soooo much cheaper. $76 and $90 jackets? That's insane. $50 for a pair of jeans? Also insane. AE Academy Cardigan whatever that is for $40? You could get something similar for half of that.

    My limit was $250 and got tons of clothes.

    I didn't shop at thrift stores and target either, I went to a few different malls and got things from all sorts of random places for good prices.

  • 1 decade ago

    go to thift stores. there are a lot of them out there that sell designer clothers for alot less. you just need to know where shop- nobody will know the differance. or you could just be smart and get brand new clothes from off the clerence rack. you have to know how to be a smart shopper and spend money on things that you need first. simply go into the hollister store like i do and walk straight over to the clerence section before anything else. you never know what you will find there and only buy things that you know you won't find anywhere else.

  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe you can get a PT job at one of the stores you like so much and use your discount to get clothes. You can get money, the clothes you like, and a small discount.

    Seriously, like people are don't need all that stuff. Hit up the thrift stores! You can find some really cute stuff for $3-$5 tops!

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  • 1 decade ago

    go to a thrift store.

    no, not joking.

    my friend got 200 dollars worth of clothes for fifteen dollars at the one here.

    they do have hollister and american eagle there.

    i found a 70 dollar pair of jeans there for six bucks.

    they were cute too.

    and look in clearance sections.

    my mom doesn't buy me much at the beginning of the school year anymore, she probably spends 300 on me, i pay for anything else i want.

  • 1 decade ago

    You Dont NEED That Stuff

    you want it

    go to cheaper places you can get more for your money

    And Get Some Kinda Job Like A Paper round

  • 1 decade ago

    the only thing that i could think of:

    do you really need the coin purse ?

    also, you could get some of the stuff after school starts like the coin purse and coats and shorts and sweats, because most likely you won't wear everything on the first day... hope i helped!!

  • 1 decade ago

    well first find out if that tote you want has any compartments to put money in because if it does you don't need a change purse. also, you can wait to get any winter stuff like sweaters because it may go on sale after school starts.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    do you seriously need all that?

    try resale places like plato's closet.

    they usually have some cute things, at a lower price.

    but really, do you HAVE to have a new change purse,

    or a tank top from hollister? you can find tank tops

    much cheaper. really, it's just a tank top!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Try a secondhand store. Before you start to complain you may actually find some cute stuff their. Or try Target. You don't need name brand stuff just to look cute at school

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