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Colorado Laws school vs. NYC Law Schools?

I am debating which is a better choice? I intent to move to Colorado, Denver in the next 4 years. I currently live in NYC. I want to get into Immigration law. Which is better for me? I also see that Colorado Law School in Boulder is ranked #32 and its expense is much better than schools here in NYC.

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  • CPG
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    1 decade ago
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    Outside of the two NY Ivy League Schools, the only place I would consider going instead of the University of Colorado is Fordham but as you say, it is expensive, about $40,000 I believe.

    The only two which are close are Brooklyn Law school and St. Johns but again their cost is still much more than in Colorado and the education is about the same.

    In Colorado there are two law schools Denver University's Sturm College of Law and the University of Colorado's Law School in Boulder both of which are expensive if you are out-of-state. DU is a private university and the tuition is $33,780. While CU will cost $31,278 (non-resident) and only $18,594 if you are in-state.

    Now regardless of what these rankings tell you, in the state of Colorado Denver University is seen by the majority as the better university with a much better law school, but it does come at a price.

    Both universities also offer Government and Public law, which covers immigration.

    The question really is a matter of cost. If you are stuck paying out-of-state, then choose DU. If you can get in-state tuition eventually then choose CU.

    Source(s): Myself. B.S. Business Management (University of Colorado) B.A. Philosophy (University of Colorado) B.A. Political Science (University of Colorado) B.A. Psychology (University of Colorado) J.D. Juris Doctor (Denver University) Masters Business Administration (Denver University)
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    With schools ranked in the 20-40 range, it's often best to go to a school in the area you want to practice. Those schools have good rankings and you will very likely be able to find a job even if you do move - but there is no question that you could find a decent job NEAR the school, which makes it a much safer, and easier bet.

    By going to a school in the area you want to practice, you can benefit from OCI (on campus interviewing) and extensive alumni connections as well.

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