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Fluffy black and white kitten needing a name! ?

I have a GORGEOUS black and white fluffy kitten with little blue eyes. This kitten is a huge fluff ball! Like the fur is crazy wild! And she's a girl. She's 7 weeks old. Her eyes stick out of a mass of fur. lol

Suggestions for a name please?? Ta!

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    Oreo, Muffin, Coco, Cookie, Princess, Baby, Boo-Boo. These are all the names i can think of right now, but you go with your gut instinct and just go with a name that is right for you! If you choose my answer, please tell me what name you chose!

    Hope I helped!

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    Aww congrats on your new bundle of joy!

    You could name her Kiwi, Lyra, Precious, Zoe Marie, Princess, Atta, .

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    Well i have a big fat cat (who's black and white with a black nose) called smudge because of her nose. but i also have a tiny black cat called inky dinky because its black (inky) and small (dinky)

    But you could call it a really random name like Jimmy or because its a girl Jimmyette

    You could call it something original like fluffy or puss or a stupid name like that.

    But you can moonlight, starlight, Jimmyettelight Exc...

    anyway these are a few of my coolest names ^.^ and good luck in finding a good name for your new cat (^..^)


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    or just let her personality give herself the name.

    It has been like that with all of our cats, they have all so different characters they just "get" a name eventually.

    We have a Speedy ('cause he is faaast and hyper) Loco, (well he is crazy...) and a E.T (he looked like ET when we rescued him out of the rain)

    Floh (German for Flea, she was covered with flees when we rescued her)

    and many more...

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    Candy, moon, mars, fluffy,etc.

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    Lucy, Chloe

    Lilly - stella -

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    thunder and lightning


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