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Where are the Best/Cheapest places to shop in Tokyo?

I will be going to Tokyo for a 6 months exchange trip, and am looking for the best/value-for-money places to shop.

For example, as of my current knowledge, I know of;

Utility/Everyday items - Daiso 100 yen shop at Giga Funabashi Store -

Anime Figurines/Merchandise - Nakano Broadway

Household furnishings - Ikea? Where?

Wal-mart substitute?

I will need to buy

- Groceries

- Furniture

- Household items

- Electronics (Camera, Handphone, Laptop)

- Winter clothes

- Cheap bicycle

- Anime stuff

If possible, try to list what the shop sells, the address or station name, & website url.

Thanks a lot guys!

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    actually, each of them is located here and there. u should know what there are around where u live.

    Daiso 100 yen shop is a good place to shop. they have so many kinds of things. but Funabashi is not in Tokyo but Chiba located next to tokyo. if u wanna shop in tokyo, the biggest ones are Oimachi (pronounced like Oh-imachi) or Harajuku. the info is not really current, so check the web site.

    Wall substitute are

    Itoyokado - market collaborated with seven eleven


    plz chesk the store location. there are so many.

    it really depends on where u live, so u should ask the ppl there. they know where is a good place to shop for each of u need. its the best way i think.

    famous shopping places are Shibuya, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Akihabara etc. they are huge places and no way to go everywhere of each in a day. good luck and have fun:)

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    For anything electronic and school supplies, go to Akihabara (Exit 15 on Hibiya line).

    Mitsukoshi Department in Ginza has most clothing and other items.

    Try IKEA for furniture.

    Carrefour would be Wal-Mart substitute.

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    The best places to shop in Tokyo (according to the internet) Are Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukero (JR Yamanote Line),

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