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    Mary ,called since medieval times Madonna (My Lady), was, according to Christian tradition, a Jewish resident of Nazareth in Galilee and known from the New Testament[1] as the mother of Jesus of Nazareth. The New Testament describes her as a young maiden – traditionally, Greek parthénos signifies an actual virgin[2] – who conceived by the agency of the Holy Spirit whilst she was already the betrothed wife of Joseph of the House of David and awaiting their imminent formal home-taking ceremony (the concluding Jewish wedding rite).

    Christians maintain that she was a virgin at the point of conception and at least until the birth of Jesus. The Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox Churches and some Protestant denominations also maintain that Mary remained a virgin throughout the rest of her life.[3][4][5]

    The New Testament recounts her presence at important stages during her son's adult life (e.g., at the Wedding at Cana and at his crucifixion). Also, she was present at communal prayers immediately after Jesus' Ascension. Narratives of her life are further elaborated in later Christian apocrypha, who give the names of her parents as Joachim and Anne.

    Hope this will help your project. May God bless you and your school work.

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    最好是自己睇福音書, 所有瑪利亞的资料都在其中, 其實聖經記載瑪利亞的事跡不是太多, 其他有關瑪利亞的故事都是後人加上去的!

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    你份功課到底有你做d o羊

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