Station To Station是誰唱的?

Station To Station是誰唱的?


不是美國音樂家David Bowie喔


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    專輯:Initial D Second Stage D Selection 1

    曲目:11.Station to Station

    歌手:Derreck Simons

    right today till tonight

    you gotta run away

    'cause you'll be the winner

    beat your drum, like your heart

    you gotta beat in time

    I will give you power

    run in the night

    follow the lights

    like an emotion, take it right

    I'll be with you, you'll see tonight

    gonna tell you your destination

    station to station, play with emotion

    wanna lead the new revolution

    station to station, ready to action

    gotta feel the power inside you

    run away far from there

    you better run tonight

    'cause you ain't a loser

    ride the wind, cross the sky

    you gotta play the game

    I will get you started

    one nation

    one station till the end

    sensation reaction

    in my dreams

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