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Christians please give me your opionion on my sisters' opionions of alcohol?

Before you tell me not to do it please read this. Im 15 my sister is 17 she drinks and smokes/smoked id know which. She has fallen away from God. But my oldest sister is really far in her spiritual walk with God...she is 19 almost 20. We were talking about my sister and she said we'll everyone drinks alcohol. So I asked her if she ever tried alcohol and she said she has had sips of it but would never get wasted...she said she thinks it's stupid to get wasted especially at parties where it's unsafe...obviously. And after she told me this she said she doesn't believe it's wrong to try alcohol as long as it is only a little. But wouldn't God disagree with this? I guess I always looked at her as a role model in my life because we both Love God a lot and we are the only two in our family right now "on fire for God" the rest of my family is stressed and doesn't rely as much on God to hearing her say she tried alcohol before I guess it just throws me off a little bit. What are your opinions on this...Im not saying I will do it because I never will. I just want other peoples opinions. Thank You

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    Do what you feel will be most strengthening in your own relationship with God.

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    The bible does not say that alcohol is wrong it says that the excessive use of alcohol is wrong. Remember that Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding feast and, before anyone says it was non-alcoholic, it is described as being the best wine and people were surprised that it was served towards the end of the party. Usually the best is served first then the cheaper wine when people have become less aware of the quality.

    The bible also says that strong wine is a mocker and that it is a sin to be a drunkard. All things in proportion in other words.

    I have personally never drunk alcohol and don't intend to do so. If you are totally against it don't touch it, that is your right. However, those who use it in moderation should not be reviled for doing so.

    The biggest problem that I have with it is that I know several alcoholics and I keep thinking "A long time ago these people once took their very first taste of alcohol and look at them now, what would their lives be like if they had never taken one drop?"

    It is often down to will-power, just as some people eat far more than is good for them and end up being obese and with heart problems. However, we have to eat to live so that's slightly different

    A good general 'rule of thumb' is WHEN IN DOUBT - DON'T !!

  • I can tell you a lot about alcohol, especially the sorrow i feel while I was able to see at a young age, how bad some peoples that i though where intelligent peoples look when they become alcoholics.

    Big par of m life while a Boy, I spend in the House next door, because my Godmother and Godfather owned a Bar, a restaurant where peoples go and have fun?, drink eat and play games, I begun drinking (literally), when I was 2 weeks Old, because in South America (Chile), giving wine to a child in the right proportion is good and healthy because it help you to dissolved the grease food, so you achieved a better digestives process.

    At three years Old, I was already an alchy, because I seneak out of my bed, in nap times and while everyone else was sleep, I will go behing the bar, and sip from everybottle left behind. after what someone will find me, behind the bar, totally drunk and past out.

    That is my story, although following God teaching I know that drinking in exess isn't the purpuses of anything, God create everything in earth for man to try, and to learn about it, but we are masters to spoil everything good, HIM(God) did, my oppinion is that you have a lot more sense than your Sisters, and perhaps is time for you to learn in your own, and with the help of God, and not base in what your love for your sisters is, remember that HIM Said in one of his commanments,

    Don't put false Gods, in from of me" don't create false images of other, (in your mind), from aboved or from below, because I'm your only God". Good luck my friend, I'm not saying you can't not drink, but ask for guidances, and keep it cool, alcohol by not means will ever make you to be more Intelligent, it does exactly the reverse. But I guess you already know that.

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    The bible is laden full of alcohol drinking people.

    The 21 age limit was the US governments doing, not God's doing.

    I don't think there is anything wrong with a few sips. How can you know you don't like it and never want to drink it until you have tried it?

    Do you really think that in the large scheme of things God will give a hoot that she had a sip of alcohol in the first 1/4 of her life?

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    Actually all of us have free will to do anything we like, but not everything we do is good for us. We should be rational in deciding what is the do's and don'ts. A sip of alcohol wouldn't harm her and gave her the answer of her curiosity. Sometimes, curiosity may kill the cats. You should be glad that alcohol is different with drug where a small portion will cause addiction. I believe that she who loves God knows what she is doing and God will surely guide her through the journey of growing up.Keep your life on fire for God !

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    Ok hun here's what I'm going to tell you, first of all, don't listen to these mouthy little twirps who are telling you that there is no God. You have your beliefs and they have theirs, which they should not to try to RUDELY impose on others. Secondly, drinking in itself is not a sin, when its done with in modesty. Just like eating is not a sin, but over doing it is. Same concept. However I'm sure that God does feel it important to obey the laws set in place by the people that He put in charge. But you need to remember, even though you care about your sister, this is between her and God. It is no ones place to judge anyone elses spirituality. Praying for her, that her relationship with Christ might grow is the only thing that you can do.

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    You know how damaging alcohol can be. Some people get addicted quickly and it ruins their lives. Not only the life of the one drinking but they hurt others so very much. So, I don't drink at all and I believe the Lord is telling you not to also. So, just follow the Lord and do what you feel is best. Some people can drink a little and it may be okay for them but some can't. I know of a minister who never drank because God didn't want him to and he met a friend who believed in drinking and this friend persuaded him to drink. To make a long story short, the minister's life was totally ruined because of the alchohol. He got addicted, got some DUIs and went to prison, got out, couldn't get his life together. He was devastated that while he was in prison his wife divorced him and married someone else. He got worse and into drugs. He ended up getting stabbed to death in a bad part of town where he had gone to pick up drugs.

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    According to the Bible, Jesus's first miracle was making wine.

    Those who claim it was "new wine" or really grape juice have absolutely no clue what they are talking about. Wine is an alcoholic drink, and the text, in the original Koine, is very specific that it was WINE.

    So the concept of complete abstinence from alcohol is not Biblical, and asserting it is a moral requirement is nothing less than accusing Jesus himself of being a sinner.

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    i am 20 years old and i did fall away from God for a while. Your sister is just lost right now. Hopefully she will find her way back. I gave into temptation on many occasions and looking back i wish i hadn't. I knew what i was doing was wrong and although I would always just sort of laugh it off I was never really happy with myself afterwards. If you know that you shouldn't do it then please don't. My advice to you is to stay away from that stuff altogether. Nothing positive will come from it and the lessons you will learn from it are very difficult and sad. Luckily for me i realized that i was not living my life for God and i put myself back on the right track. I told all of my friends that i was no longer going to drink with them, or even go anywhere with them where drinking would be a possibility. Although i am bored some weekends while everyone else is out partying, i do feel a lot better about myself. i'm happy again. so stay strong. even if your sister's aren't really setting a very good example for you now, you should live life the way you know you should because you never know who's looking up to you.

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    Consuming alcohol is not a sin in itself. It is not my opinion; Jesus himself has said very clearly that nothing that goes into our stomach can defile us, but what defiles us is that comes out of us. I think your sister is not old enough to taste liquor. Moreover, it is my strong opinion that women must not use alcohol. It is meant for men. If she likes, she may use drinks with less alcoholic content. Alcohol becomes a villain, when it starts controlling your life. It is likely that people who use alcohol can become addicted to it. So, when we deal with such things, we have to be very careful that it does not make any change to our character and it does not become a hindrance between our relationship with God. Tell her to be in control of herself, and to use it once she becomes a matured woman, if necessary.

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    A woman might have a lower tolerance, but only if she is smaller of stature. A man and woman of equal size have equal tolerance to alcohol.

    Your own bible doesn't say wine/beer/spirts are evil or bad. It's public drunkenness, the abuse of wine, beer etc.

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