For the men, a survey! easy 10 points!?

ok guys heres a survey for ya

choose one

blonde or brunnette?

blue eyes or brown?

pale or tan skin?

long hair or short?

curly or straight?

tall or short or medium height?

cheerleader or basketball player?

skinny jeans or looser jeans on a girl?

kinda shy or outgoing?

ok so if u do it easy 10 points and if u want add details why u chose what u chose :]

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    brunette; blondes always strike me as the stuck up ones (!?)

    blue; prettier

    tan; looks nicer than a ghost

    long hair; short hair is for guys

    curly; more girly (hey! that rhymes)

    medium; im tall enough

    basketball player; cheerleaders strike me as stuck ups aswell (?)

    not to tight; looks like there showing off there skinnyness

    kinda shy; they're just usually the ones i preffer

    i hope i gave you good enough reasons :)

  • 1 decade ago

    * Brunnette

    * Blue eyes

    * Tan skin

    * Long hair

    * Straight

    * Medium height

    * Cheerleader

    * Skinny jeans

    * Kinda shy

  • jolu41
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    Brunnette - like dark-haired women

    blue - have dated quite a few women with blue eyes

    tan - Just looks healthier, I guess...

    short - not short short, but more towards medium

    curly - I go crazy for wavy/curly hair

    medium height - between 5'4'' and 5'7''

    basketball player - like the athletic type

    looser jeans - can't stand skin tight jeans on a girl

    kinda shy - as long as she is confident in herself

  • 1 decade ago

    blonde or brunnette? depends on the girl

    blue eyes or brown? blue looks i little prettier

    pale or tan skin? pale

    long hair or short? short!! love short hair on girls!

    curly or straight? straight

    tall or short or medium height? medium

    cheerleader or basketball player? basketball player

    skinny jeans or looser jeans on a girl? both

    kinda shy or outgoing? shy

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  • Knight
    Lv 5
    1 decade ago

    blonde or brunnette?-both but maybe brunette

    blue eyes or brown?-either

    pale or tan skin?-either

    long hair or short?-long but i dont mind it being short

    curly or straight?-straight

    tall or short or medium height?-medium

    cheerleader or basketball player?-cheerleader so she can go see me play soccer=]

    skinny jeans or looser jeans on a girl?-ummmmmmm idk

    kinda shy or outgoing?kinda shy so that as u keep talking to her u guys would both open up to each other

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    blonde or brunnette?

    blue eyes or brown? - brown eyes because they mostly belong to brown women

    pale or tan skin? - either because skin is skin

    long hair or short? - long hair because i like to feel it drape across and stimulate me

    curly or straight? - straight (refer above answer)

    tall or short or medium height? no preference

    cheerleader or basketball player? - cheerleader because they are fit and flexible

    skinny jeans or looser jeans on a girl? - looser jeans because of the mystery they disguise

    kinda shy or outgoing? - kinds shy because i like to see her blossom

  • 4 years ago

    External Beauty is never the sole criteria that a person looks for in his or her Dream Woman or Dream Man. In the heart of heart every person wants certain other qualities too that compliment that external beauty harmoniously. This can be verified through an Experiment. If a Man visiting a marriage bureau is shown pictures of certain Girls and he selects one of them on the basis of looks. Now if that Man is shown four identical photographs of the girl he selected, each of the four photographs conveying different body language, say in Photograph 1, the girl is giving a beautiful smile, in Photograph 2 the same girl is looking very upset, in Photograph 3 the same girl is shown looking very angry and in the last Photograph the same girl is giving an expression that shows Arrogance. If the Man is asked to select his favourable expression, he would definitely select Photograph 1 where that girl is giving a beautiful smile. Thus, we saw that at first the man selected the looks and then in the next session he selects the best expression from among the four expressions of the girl he selected. This shows that a person’s search for external beauty is at the lowest level in the hierarchy of the qualities he or she is looking for in their would be life partner. External beauty is not within any person’s control. What lies in one’s control is being a good human being with qualities of care, affection, kindness, positivity and cheerfulness. Despite this, Marriage Bureaus are flooded with requests like, Fair looking and tall, Tall dark and Handsome, Model like looks etc…The Divorces that follow then come as a bitter truth that relying solely on External Beauty was not wise a decision. Things that are not within a person’s control should never be made part of the parameters while searching the would be life partner. Such misguided celebration of External beauty often puts many boys and girls into inferiority complexes and these could proove to be a serious damage to their psyche.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    brunnette..but married a blond

    hazel...or blue

    pale..then tan

    long..married a short haired woman

    straight..hers is curly 5"7

    basketball player

    loose jeans

    kinda shy,but willing to get wild once in a while

  • 1 decade ago



    tan skin

    long hair


    medium height

    basketball player

    skinny jeans

    kinda shy


  • 1 decade ago





    slightly curly


    hockey player

    skinny jeans

    kinda shy

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