how to prepare for character "Edwin Drood/Alice Nutting"??

This year my high school is performing the musical " The Mystery of Edwin Drood" and I will probably audition for "Edwin Drood/Alice Nutting" (they are the same character). I was wondering if anyone has...

a. seen the show/enjoyed it?

b. played the character of Edwin Drood/Alice Nutting?

c. suggestions for how to prepare for this role?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I've been in the show. our drood/nutting wasn't very good. one this to be aware of, is that she has a pretty wide vocal rang because she is a woman playing a man... so, you have two choices, you can exaggerate the break in your voice between chest and head voice( if you have a break). or, you can blend that break so you sound the same when you are playing a man as when you're playing a woman.

    good luck... and have fun, he/she's a character!

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