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Why didn't Manny Pacq. join the Olympics?

Even famous althletes in other countries joined the Olympics to represent their counties (i.e Venus and Serena Williams(USA Team) Roger Federrer (Swiss Team) Rafael Nadal (Spanish team) ) Why didn't manny join the Philippine team?? I mean since he won so many titles...i really wanna know why? coz he's preparing for his next match? Isn't to represent the country in the Olympics a much bigger honor?

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    The International Olympic Committee (IOC) allowed sports federation to decide on whether or not professionals can compete in the Olympics. Some sports organizations like FIFA and IBF allowed professional players in their respective sports to participate in the Olympics. However, Amateur International Boxing Association (AIBA) limits participation in the Olympics to amateur boxers only. Rules and objectives between amateur boxing vs. pro boxing are different with regards to safety standards and records (i.e. rounds, headguards, vaseline, standing 8-count, knock-out rule). Hence, athletes as well as referees and judges of professional boxing are not permitted to participate in amateur and Olympic boxing events. Manny Pacquaio is a professional boxer so he can't compete in the Olympics or any amateur boxing events.

    In a professional bout, boxers go for knock-outs and that's their main objective since high knock-out records equals high earnings while in an amateur/ Olympics bout, winning by points by landing more scoring blows on the opponent is the amateur boxer's main objective. Knock-outs do not credit extra points.

    In amateur or Olympics, the bout is stopped when there is much bleeding, or cuts, swelling around the eye while in professional event, the bout is not stopped unless the injured boxer is unable to continue (TKO). Professional boxers have big advantage in their sports and training hence it makes sense that it's unfair and dangerous to the amateur boxers if they are allowed in the Olympics.

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    PacMan is a professional boxer. In the Olympics, the Committee has so decided that rules for boxing would be in compliance with the Amateur Boxing Federation, hence only amateur boxers are allowed to compete. In other events like basketball, tennis, baseball, they have no such rules.

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    He can't risk unecessary injury because he earns far to much money each big title fight to take that chance. Makes sense right. You would think that representing your country in the Olympics would be a huge honour but he probably thinks he has represented his country enough in what he does.

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    The Olympics is for amateurs only when it comes to boxing.

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    My mother said: he could not join the olympics because he already is a professional boxer.

    He holds many titles.

    Do those athletes hold many titles?

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    The question is how much the POC can give him for a gold.

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    he has a "tong-its" engagement at home

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