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reading makes us well-informed?

please answer it for me^^

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    Reading makes you well-informed because it opens you to new subjets, cultures, and vocabulary.

    -You get to learn about things you never knew about whether fiction or nonfiction. If you're reading the book Apollo 13, you get to learn about the mission and all of the events and people involved.

    -Sometimes you learn about other cultures from the characters or topic and sometimes from the author themselves. The way they write reflects their beliefs or upbringing.

    -Every time you read you improve your vocabulary and your speech.

    Hope that was what you were looking for!

    Happy Reading!

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    It depends on what and on how you read. There are lots of books with very inaccurate information in them. And reading a book does not guarantee that you will remember what you read when you need it.

    The word, "well informed" is a relative term, too. I'm very well-informed about writing and about literature, but I'm very poorly informed about cricket. So obviously, you want to read well-written books about topics that are important to you, and you want to do something with the information you read to make sure it stays in your head longer than the time it took to read the sentence out of the book.

    Do this, and you will be well-informed.

    Source(s): Personal experience--College professor/MA English literature
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    Yes, Reading can help make you more knowledgeable...

    Yet you must read many different kinds of books, keep an open mind, and not believe everything you read. Just as you don't believe everything you hear, see, or others might tell you.

    Read. Think. And make up your own mind.

    Think for yourself.

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