Why are there no arguments about our Agricultural Policy?

Like if you study it even a little bit and listen to comments you'll find America's Agricultural Policy was written by a clueless idiot. Our Policy has a huge impact on other 3rd world countries. We are raising the cost of food in those countries. Also according to our policy we are giving hundreds of millions away to already super rich farming monopolies, but nothing to small time farmers.

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    1 decade ago
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    John McCain stood in the middle of corn contry and stated he opposed the subsidies to the corn/ethonol lobbiest.

    Funny how the press didn't run with that and the Dems have let it slide also

    That pretty much answers your question

    Thw policies are fostered by llobbiest and supported by the congress and ignored by the press

  • There is, but you probably won't find it on TV.

    Next time, try a book or news magazine or even the Internet.

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