Why can't I buy a radon detector in Iowa?


No, I'm referring to the laws restricting sales to Iowans (including online). More specifically, I was looking to buy the highly rated Safety Siren Pro Series 3 from Amazon, but I found this in their product description "Not for sale to residents of the State of Iowa nor for shipment to Iowa residents per Iowa Department of Public Health Rules, Chapters 43 (136B).". I was looking for some clarification of the rule. The link is <a href="http://www.amazon.com/Safety-Siren-Radon-Detectors...

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    Iowa controls all aspects of radon testing and mitigations. Only state licensed measurement providers and mitigation contractors can perform radon work.

    The Pro Series 3 tester is not considered a professional tool so Iowa disallows them. They do have an error of margin of 25% which can be significant depending on your level. I see them often though and they are pretty accurate when compared to my test kits.

    You can buy short term and long term homeowner test kits from labs approved to work in Iowa.

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    Buy Radon Detector

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    I'm sure you can. If you can't find one in the store, just buy one online.

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