How is George Bush handling the unemployment situation?

Also, how is he make sure there is an equitable distribution of income?

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    Even though more and more Americans are loosing their jobs daily and weekly, from the look of thing's since the congress debate in April of a extension of the welfare payment period Mr Bush or the US congress hasn't made any plan B, to handle the growing US unemployment situation.

    This issue isn't a joke at all and needs to be attended to immediately by George Bush. As many more Americans will be finding themselves fully unemployed after the summer job employment winds down for winter and the welfare extension granted for many Americans finishes in October. To realise the jobs are no longer their anymore and people in minuim wage jobs are loosing them too daily.

    Mr McCain or Mr Obama "aren't" the Presidents of the United States "it's not" up to them to fix this problem. It's up to George Bush and the US congress to get there finger out and start a plan before millions of unemployed Americans with no hope in securing employment as more businesses and companies close their doors find themselves without welfare assistance that is currently feeding their families and keeping a roof over their heads.

    Or this winter many more Americans from all walks of life will be living on the streets or in unheated houses with no gas or electricity which had to be cut off and no furniture as it had to be sold for money for a roof and food for their children.

    Americans need to realise that many elderly Americans and American families are currently eating pet food and are all living without gas or electricity to have food in their belly's and keep a roof over their heads.

    This problem needs to be addressed and fixed "Today" and not left to be attended to in six months time when either of these pre-elected men do become the US President. Before millions of Americans die during this winter from hunger or are found frozen to death on the streets or in their unheated homes.

    These thick headed Americans who think there are plenty of jobs in the US and there is no recession. Should go out to the urban areas and country towns throughout the USA or even just down to Florida. To see this for themselves and realise how bad it has become for many American's who have tried every avenue to secure any employment.

    To try to get a job where companies and business's all have closed down. Where 80% of the people living in these urban areas and towns are all unemployed. These people aren't lazy welfare collecting people, the problem is there is no work for any of these people and the US government does needs to do something before the snowball gets bigger.

  • 1 decade ago, thank you for your answer. The government has nothing to do with people getting jobs! That is supposed to be their (no pun intended) job! If they really wanted to work their way up they would be going to Sonic or McDonald's and get a job there! That would be better than sitting in the alleyways feeling bad for themselves and thinking the government should do everything for them!

    It really makes me angry when everyone thinks that the government should do absolutely everything for them! You know that in most places today people could be considered poor because they don't have a microwave or a cable television?! I mean really, that is almost the definition of poor now! You don't have a right to any of these luxuries! It is supposed to be you that earns them!

    I'm not saying that all poor people are like this. I do understand that there are people out there who are really unfortunate in the area and really can't do anything but I'm talking about the majority of people out there.

    Also, this is a free nation! The people who work for what they want usually get it! If you're going to be a bum who drops out of school that's your decision and YOUR problem! Not the governments. The government has other problems at the moment than handing out big screen plasma televisions! Ever think about the war that is still going on?

    I hope that I don't sound too insensitive. I'm just trying to make a point.

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    The government is not responsible for people being employed, because we live in a capitalist society where the free market creates opportunities for people to work.

    Our tax system is more than fair to the lower income wage earners. The bottom 50% of all wage earners pay less than 5% of the taxes collected by our government.

    You want a socialism. Move to Europe and they will take you at a much higher rate.

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    Why are you questioning. basically as you reported, this same component did happen and he did make comments. i wager you needed him to say extra, because you labelled his comments as "he fairly did not say a lot on that". How a lot more advantageous than his condeming North Korea, labelling them area of an axis of evil, and calling a secure practices council assembly did you elect? in this issue, i imagine Obama is doing basically effective. i hit upon it ironic that once Obama does the exact same component as what Bush did, it is now ok, yet Bush did "too little". the shortcoming of common sense and reason from the left under no circumstances ends.

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    Just fine, thank you. He has a great-paying job for a few more months and a great pension. He doesn't have to worry about equitable distribution of his income, though. Rent and utilities are paid at the White House, and I hear it's furnished.

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    Well Bush is quite wealthy, and doesn't really need to work.

    This is America dear, we are not guaranteed equal distribution of wealth.

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    You must remember that he and congress have to make money to.

    They can't be wasting billions on homeless drunks and teenage mothers when they need that indoor water park.

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    He's handling it OK. He's got a good retirement plan.

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    Doing neither that I know of.

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    he isnt...

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