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Can someone be a sumo without being Fat?

Could someone take up sumo wrestling, and compete, but not be fat. I know all sumos are over 300lbs, what If you wanted to be sumo but you want to stay lean, all muscle, would it be possible to train and get over 300+ lbs without getting fat like the Sumos, but instead be lean and purely muscle mass? Im interested in sumo, but I am not fat, Im very muscular at 180 lbs(I know is small compared to sumos) Im 15 and have been lifting weights since I was 11. I want to compete in sumo when I get older But I dont want to get fat because it is very unhealthy. So how could I get as big as the sumo wrestlers without gaining any fat, but still be very large???

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    Yes you can. The sumo-kas gain the weight so they can have a weight advantage. I've seen big and small sumo-kas and I've seen them both win. Being 300 lb. of muscle would be a hell of a lot, but I suppose you could do it. Anyway, you can be a sumo-ka whether you weigh 100 lb. or 500 lb. it doesn't matter.

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    I think it is possible that you can compete with your current weight. 180 lbs. Sumo has about 6 or 7 movements basically oriented to unbalance your opponent. If you learn well the principles of it you should be able to use your body weight plus the weight of your opponent.

    Of course if you have the opportunity to see a sumo match on TV you will notice that many times when the fight is too tight, one the fighters try to lift each other out of the circle in order to win. There you could be on disadvantage because of your weight.

    Anyway I have seen sumo fights in the US were they make categories according to the weight of the fighters.

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    Well, technically, no. Rikishi (sumo wrestlers) are trained in a classical way -- living together in almost militant conditions early on and fed a specific diet, usually of no breakfast; high protein stew of fish, meat and vegetables eaten with rice and washed down with beer; a nap following the meal to slow the metabolism at lunch time, which is specifically designed to put on weight.

    It's a miserable and harsh life during the early years and the later years are aggravated by maladies such as diabetes and heart disease.

    You might want to do some research -- it's not your typical sports occupation.

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    you can at least be 200 pound, cuz the truth is that i never saw a skinny or not so fat sumo. but you can always be a wrestler, you dont have to be that fat. but again if sumo is your dream than follow it, try to gain weight every week at least 3 ponds. eat healthy and scince guys have better appetite, you should try to eat more.

    good luck

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    The Sumo would win every time, because it is the weight that gets you every time. It would not matter how much muscle you have.

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    i really don't think it would work out if u were a sumo and not fat cuz chances are if ur not fat the person ur wrestling will be. then u would lose the match cuz he's bigger then u so i'm thinking u should probabaly be fat

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    yeah you can be you just wont be any good.

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