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Should America as a whole adopt Texas execution speed?

I don't like wasting money on the scum of the earth. I believe Texas has the right idea, use the death penalty and use it often.

I even believe it should be televised via pay per view.

Who agrees?


check out Texas Department of Criminal Justice, those people don't deserve to live

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    I live in Texas, and I don't like wasting money on the scum of the Earth, either - that's one of the reasons I'm AGAINST the death penalty.

    Because of higher pre-trial expenses, longer trials, jury sequestration, extra expenses associated with prosecuting a DP case, separate sentencing trials, and the appeals process, it costs taxpayers MUCH more to execute prisoners than to imprison them for life.

    And sometimes the governement STILL gets it wrong - In the last 30 years in the U.S. alone, over 100 people have been released from death row because they were exonerated by DNA evidence. These are ALL people who were found guilty "beyond a reasonable doubt."

    Now imagine how many more innocent people would be executed if they sped up the process....

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    No. Did you know that for the 129 death row exonerees (sentenced to death, wrongly convicted) the average time served was 9.5 years and that some had served over 2 decades? Speed up the process and we will surely execute innocent people. By the way, DNA is taken from fewer than 10% of all homicides.

    Many people do not realize that the death penalty is much, much more expensive than life in prison, mostly because of the upfront costs of the legal process which is supposed to prevent executions of innocent people. (upfront=pretrial and trial)


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    Do you realize that you want to give lawyers the power of life and death and without any appeals? Texas doesn't even have a real legal system. All those people that survived Waco were found NOT GUILTY. A Texas judge threw out all the work of the jury and sentenced them all to jail terms. The governor at the time, (you know who) wasn't about to let them go just because they weren't guilty.

    Religious freedom, HA!

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    I would support extending the death penalty for child molesters and rapist. I believe that certain crimes should have at least the potential for the death penalty. But I also believe that when it comes to coming with the sentence of the death penalty the standard should be greater than just beyond a reasonable doubt closer to beyond a shadow of a doubt. That may satisfy some of the other people that are concerned of innocents being executed.

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    I do not trust the cops or the prosecutors to execute only guilty people. Our justice system is thoroughly corrupt. It's all about winning cases, not about the truth.

    Get rid of the country club prisons and make going to prison a punishment, not a fun place to hang out with your gang.

  • I hope so.

    It's not about whether those in jail deserve to live, but rather a strong message to the bad guys in general, saying: "hey, think twice before committing your crime. This justice system is no longer run by non-profit organizations."

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    No America should not aid in the execution of criminals. I am personally opposed to capital punishment.

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    Nothing like going back 500 years and adopting some of their values. I mean, the Dark Ages weren't THAT dark.

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    Sure, I know of a gal who's dad has been on death row for 10 years now here in CA for killing a woman with a hammer. I'll bet he outlives me!

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    why don't you check out how many INNOCENT people have

    been released from prison after DNA tests have proved them

    innocent....check out chicago prison happens

    all the time, tragically.

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