If i switch from AP Calculus AB to AP Statistics and probability will it be easier!?

My calculus teacher is really bad. I'm struggling a lot. compared to last year when i had pre-calculus and i had straight A's.

I really want to stay in an AP math for college.

It's only the first week of school and i'm already struggling.


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    AP Statistics only requires a well-founded background in Algebra II (which, as an added note, is why several colleges don't accept that credit. They teach calculus-based statistics). AP Calculus, on the other hand, requires an extra year of Analysis/Trigonometry, but I'm sure you already know this.

    So, mathematically speaking, AP Statistics is founded on less advanced math, so anyone who is able to take Calculus should do fine with the math. However, as a warning, Statistics is not an entirely pure math course. Meaning, that it has much more to do with reading comprehension, data analysis, real-life applications, and of course the application of statistical analysis at your discretion (which, is quite a large part of Statistics).

    But, the choice is still completely up to you and whatever level of mathematics, hard work, and preparation you are willing and comfortable to attempt.

    Source(s): Currently taking both AP Statistics and AP BC Calculus.
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    i'm currently in both of them right now (ap stats and ap calc) but yeah, i think stats is much easier..u have fewer concepts to work with. so if u can switch, i would recommend it. but if u cant, and u really want a AP math course, then try getting an older student to tutor u, or buy those princeton/barron AP prep books

  • 3 years ago

    maximum all and sundry at my college is going from Alg 2 to Precal & then to Calc. I do have buddies who're taking AB & buddies taking BC. AB is obviously much less complicated than BC, yet continues to be no longer uncomplicated. From what i've got heard, AP Stat is quite often quite uncomplicated for an AP direction. AP Chem: prerequisite i could propose could be Alg 2 & common Chemistry we don't have AP Econ at my college AP Physics C: from what I comprehend, is very confusing i think which you will desire to be keenly involved in math or technological understanding to take any of those classes. do no longer TAKE all of them at the same time. i would not propose greater effective than 3 at a time. communicate on your counselor approximately what he/she thinks you could handle & stipulations & all that. they generally selection from college to college. refer to the teachers for each of those instructions approximately workload, required coaching, and so on.

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