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What are the gun laws in Canada?

a) how does one acquire a license to own a gun?

b) what weapons are prohibited?

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    Canada's gun laws are only a problem if you own guns for a stupid reason, such as a handgun "because you like firing a few shots off at the range" with it.

    If you want a hunting rifle, shotgun, etc. all you need to do is apply for a permit, and after a waiting period you can acquire a gun (providing you're 18).

    Handguns are very difficult to acquire, and you are unlikely to be granted permission to carry one in public unless you are a law enforcement officer, or you refill ATM's, or drive an armoured van, etc.

    This may be the reason that Canada has a significantly lower (per capita) rate of gun crime, or idiots killing themselves with them.

    I read a news article about an American who needed to hang a picture, so he used his gun to shoot a hole in the wall, killing his wife on the other side. The media reaction was one of empathy, without a hint of "you're a frigging moron". Funny.

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    Dan is optimistic - the US tried to "take over" Canada in 1812 - we whupped them good. Since the US can't even hold Iraq, what chance would they have against Canada?

    But I digress....

    To answer your question, Canadians prefer that you not own guns. We've found there are lots of ways to settle disputes without them and they're so noisy at night.

    You can get a licence for them if you MUST own a gun, and you'd better have one if you come into Canada or the gun will be taken from you and you'll be arrested.

    Assult rifles, handguns and the more deadly stormtrooper toys are banned outright.

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    They do not like guns. We could take them over at any time. The USA has been protecting them for decades. They are Libs just like the Dems in thes country. I should not have said that because I could be band again. I am sorry that I said and thought that. I take it back.

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